Monday, June 22, 2009

Buttercup modifications

Since so many people wanted my modifications for Buttercup (by Heidi Kirrmaier, rav link here), especially the lace panels for the hip shaping, I typed them up. The lace chart and other directions are downloadable here (PDF).

Additional mods:
I made the small size, exactly as written until the underarm join.

After the join for the underarm,
knit straight 20 rows
row 21: decrease one stitch each end of back half (98 st on back, 100 st on front)
row 22-24: knit

Stop, place half the stitches on spare needles, and try on. Mark bust points with removable markers or with safety pins; make sure there are the same number of stitches from each side marker to the bust point on that side.

row 25: insert 4 short rows for bust shaping, done at 1 and 11 stitches past bust points
row 26: decrease one stitch each end of back half. On front, starting 7 stitches before each bust point, double decrease 5 times. (96 st on back, 80 st on front)

By the waist, should have the same number of stitches in front and back halves. Decrease back evenly, decreasing one stitch each end on decrease rows, spread out over however many rows required to reach waist. Meanwhile, decrease front evenly over the same number of rows--since the front has fewer st already, the front will be decreased much less frequently. (Since I had 76 on each side by the waist, the front had 2 decrease rows, while the back had 10 decrease rows evenly spaced. Starting after the underarm join, I did 53 rows to get to the waist)

The rest of my mods are on the PDF. Enjoy!


Knitty Brotz said...

You're the best for typing these up! It's soooo cute!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making your panel pattern available! I just finished my buttercup and used them!