Tuesday, June 30, 2009

FO: Mermaid, after

Amazing, what a blocking can do! Living in a landlocked state, there was no ocean nearby for Mermaid to pose next to. So I draped it on a swirly green plant, which is as close as it gets around here. It's still sort of oceanic.

This is my own pattern, which I will be putting together soon, knitted with just under one skein (~400 yards) of KnitPicks Shimmer. It's a light and non-itchy yarn without too much fuzz. The Cumulus colorway was perfect for this pattern, which I wanted to look sort of like silvery fish scales.

The edging is a loose adaptation of feather-and-fan. It, like the main pattern, has lots of double yarn overs, so there are big holes in the lace.

The one in the center looks a bit like a trilobite.

Since this is such a loose pattern, most of the shawl is empty space. So it's really light and airy, but still warm enough for cool evenings because it's alpaca. I heart this shawl! Sadly, it won't be around for long, since I'll be sending it off to my mother for a very late mother's day present. But until then, I might just have to wear it and fan about like a silly mermaid!


Thea said...

beautiful! I love the photo w/ the sunlight coming through....

emicat said...

wow, that's beautiful! You are such a talented knitter!!! Your mom's a lucky recipient :)

VeganCraftastic said...

Super gorgeous, great job!!!

e said...

it looks amazing!

after wearing my new shawl out in the rain, i realize i should properly block it to show its detail like yours!

can't wait for you to put out the pattern!

Rose Red said...

Wow, that is amazing! What a great looking pattern.

Blocking *is* magic, isn't it!!

soknitpicky said...

So lovely! Congratulations on a lovely design. Your mom is so lucky!

Rima said...

This is just gorgeous!