Sunday, June 21, 2009

Knot knitting

Things were coming along swimmingly for these socks until this happened:

I should explain things. I was feeling very proud of my hand-wound center-pull ball of yarn, and started knitting both socks at the same time, one from each end of the yarn. Then the center yarn wasn't coming out so smoothly, so I yanked a little harder, and a littler harder still, and suddenly the ball of yarn had given birth to a huge mess of yarn snot.

A is the original ball of yarn. The outside end of this ball is attached to E, one of the socks.
C is the yarn snot that came out of the center of the ball of yarn. C has turned into the biggest tangled mess of a knot in the world. I've managed to finagle a tiny portion of the A end of C into B, as I try to untagle C.
The other side of C is attched to D, the other sock.
The hope is to untangle C and wind it all into a bigger B. It's hard to untangle a gigantic knot when neither of the ends are free. Even if I finish untagling C into B, B will not be able to go back inside A (it is now wound in reverse order), but hopefully I'll be able to knit it all up when I finish sock D.

This is really horrible. But not as horrible as cutting the yarn and having a knot in a sock!

Also: here's a reason to stock up on cashmere yarn right now!


Team Knit ! said...

oh no!!! what a messy knot, and how dare it delay your pretty socks!It's for reasons like that I still wind my skeins into balls by hand.

- Julie

soknitpicky said...

Oh no! :-(

Rose Red said...

I share your pain - last week I was winding some sock yarn and I got the worst knot - it took me FOUR HOURS of solid untangling to get it undone. If it wasn't great yarn, it would be in the bin right now! I wish you much luck with the untangling...

addi knitting said...

I am still a newbie and it seems like I always have a knot of some kind that slows up a project.