Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Seattle part 1

Who knew Seattle was so nice and sunny? I brought an umbrella (a huge risk, because I thought security would confiscate it for sure) and have carried it around for good weather luck, with success. I'm here for a conference, but did manage to sneak away for some sightseeing.

Which, most importantly, means checking out a LYS! I took the ferry to Bainbridge Island and enjoyed the lovely ocean views and smells. Oh, to live by the ocean!
I didn't have a whole lot of time to check out the island, but what I did see was darling and fab. There's a little town, lots of woodsy areas, and beautiful houses. Imagine a lovely ferry ride being your work commute! And, there's a yarn shop within walking distance of the ferry dock.

Churchmouse Yarns and Teas is a pretty big yarn shop, with tea goodies too! It's a pleasure to browse, and it smells really really good.

I wanted to get something local, which they didn't have, but I ended up getting two skeins of quasi-local yarn. The first is Blue Moon Socks that Rock, which is from nearby Oregon. I keep saying I won't buy sock yarn, then I see colors like this, and how I am to resist?
Carbon Dating is the winner:

I also got some Plucky Knitter lace-weight 100% cashmere laceweight yarn. The yarn is from another state, but the dyer (Sarah Dimond) custom dyed a few lots for the store. This colorway is named The Narrows, which the LYS lady said is a landmark on Bainbridge Island, but I've forgotten already what exactly it is (river? hill? bridge? building?). I love the subtle rosy-brown shades, and I extra lurve super-soft cashmere!

The way back on the ferry was just as much fun. I was a total tourist and stood at the edge of the boat the whole time, and took pictures of funny things like the green sea water. So pretty! Someone should make yarn this color...


emicat said...

We've been having some great weather here lately - you came at a great time!

LOVE that photo of the water - I agree, someone needs to dye some yarn that color! :) said...

OMG I am so jelous. I am from Seattle and trapped in Indiana! You must go to the piers in Seattle and find the delous fish they have!!! Pier 54 if i remember correctly but I could be wrong. They have a little outdoor place you can eat outside by the water. Alder smoked fish wedge fries that are baked or grilled and awsome cole slaw!!! June is usally a good month for a visit to SEattle. Lucky you no rain!!! They say it rains (and I can atest to that) 9 months out of the year. But the 3 months of summer they have are beautiful!!! The Narrows is a water way that is between SEattle and Tacoma (Tacoma Narrows bridge is being fixed) God Bless and have fun!!! My oldest daughter is there too bad i didnt know in advance she could have gone with you!!! I know you two would love each other!!! Marion

soknitpicky said...

The 2 times I've been to Seattle/Tacoma, it didn't really rain at all. My friends who live there want me to come all the time! :-) Did you have time to check out the ice cream store right by Churchmouse?

mooncalf said...

Umbrella? Security? Seattle has umbrella police??!!

I would not have been able to resist Carbon Dating either. You did well.


tina said...

I have always wanted to go to Churchmouse.........having seen bloggy photos of it for years. Can't wait to hear the deets.

Great yarn purchases as well!

Team Knit ! said...

ooh, so much pretty yarn!! Looks gorgeous out there.

- Julie