Friday, June 12, 2009

Seattle part 2, and Mermaid

The best part of summer is that even after a normal work day schedule, the sun stays out for a few more hours of exploring. I spent a lot of time at Pike Place Market, well, except at the fishy parts. There were lots of peonies everywhere, and rows upon rows of beautiful flowers.

It seems everyone walking out had a bunch of fresh flowers. Here are the passersby in front of Left Bank Books, which, as I found out, is not related to the Left Bank Books in St Louis. (Yes, I did get some books.)

I love going into small specialty shops that sell one thing and do it well, as opposed to the sterile and overwhelming horror that is the mall-shopping experience. For example, Beecher's cheese, which makes its own cheese in a gigantic machine!

Or Lark in the Morning, which is an instrument shop.

These are the first didgeridoos I'd seen in real life.

I didn't go into the hat shop (Bernie Utz), because a hat would be too hard to carry in a carry-on. (Digression: If you look closely, you can see my new sunglasses, finally found after 15 years of looking for glasses that look good and don't touch my cheeks. (Round face + chubby cheeks + high cheekbones + little nose = hard to fit). Yay!)
Sometimes it's fun just to walk around and find surprises, like pretty alleyways.

Finally, of course, there was some seaside knitting. I'm making up this shawl using a lace pattern which should look like scales, once it is worn (It's being held upside down). Hence the name Mermaid! She's only about a quarter of the way there, but hopefully will be ready to block soon.

5 comments: said...

wow looks like fun!!! Another place to visit in seattle are the chitnam locks! Flowergardens galore and where they let the boats in and out! Also in downtown there is a wonderful place where they blow glass and let you wach! Huggs Marion

Thea said...

Seattle looks so pretty in your pics - it's been ages since we've been out there -- I love the gianourmous bouquets - and agree on the small shops. Can't wait to see mermaid....

soknitpicky said...

Very cool. It's funny--when I saw that Left Bank Books, I had assumed it was related to the StL one. We hadn't actually gone in to ask, so I'm glad you did!

Sereknitty said...

Oh, I need to pay another visit to Pike Market -- it's been far too long! Peonies are my absolute faves and I so enjoyed that photo. Considering Vancouver is only 2 1/2 hours away, I really have no excuse for not heading down.

Leslie said...

Such fun shopping! I love all those huge bouquets.