Thursday, June 4, 2009

Seattle questions

This is another hard month at work, but thankfully due to some scheduling swaps earlier in the year, I'll be able to go to Seattle for a few days for a conference. When I remembered this, my first thought was regret that I don't have a knitted lace shawl to wear. Wouldn't a shawl made from this yarn be the most perfect thing to wear in Seattle?

Well, knitting one while there is probably just as good, and a shawl is a great portable project, so at least that's settled. What's really hard to decide is which shawl to knit. Of course, a new drool-worthy Twist Collective just came out, with TWO gorgeous shawls. The lace pattern for Artichaut is so pretty, but it's patterned on both sides of the fabric, and I happen to like the break of doing all-purl wrong-side rows of what I imagine some people call slacker-lace. Aphrodite has a very clever 3-section design, but I'm afraid of the beading (crochet hook method). I've been hankering to make up a shawl with a fish-scale-ish design with this silvery yarn, but that would take a lot of swatching and math. Oh, choices! Hopefully I can sort out this conundrum, finish Buttercup, and have the shawl cast on and ready to knit like the wind on the plane.

Does anyone know of a good yarn shop in Seattle? One with mostly yarn (not spinning or weaving stuff) and gorgeous displays?


emicat said...

Ooh, are you coming to my neck o' the woods? :)

North of Seattle: Village Yarn and Tea is supposed to nice (although I've yet to go there)Shoreline, WA

Hilltop Yarn on Queen Anne in Seattle

If you're wanting a hop onto a ferry to go to Bainbridge Island, Churchmouse Yarn is supposed to be really nice (and if you're looking to get STR, they stock it there)

And if you're south of Seattle in Kent, WA there's Renaissance Yarns (my LYS) :)

emicat said...

doh, I forgot one that I like (although they do have weaving/spinning stuff, but definitely a lot of yarn too)

The Weaving Works in Seattle (in the University District, near UW)

Sereknitty said...

How about this pattern for your shawl --
I just saw it yesterday and thought it fabulous!

soknitpicky said...

Ooooh, I love Seattle. Here's my post after my visit last year:

Little Knits has since moved to another location, but I would definitely still visit. On my wishlist for my next trip:

You can find other synopses at

scroll down to the 5/14-5/16 entries

tina said...

Slacker lace......... now THAT was funny! Can't wait to hear all about Seattle when you return!