Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Here are a few tidbits from a quick visit to Baltimore this past weekend. There was some sort of anime or manga conference, with lines stretching several blocks long blocking traffic, and here and there through the whole weekend one would see people dressed up as various characters. People went all out, bless their hearts!

The first order of business, of course, was visiting a LYS. A Good Yarn was within walking distance to the hotel, so there's where I went.

The selection is small but well edited. The larger of the two rooms is a classroom, and the lady at the store stressed that it is a teaching store. She used the same kind of tone in which people who work at a teaching hospital use that term, which is usually when stating a reason/excuse for inconvenience or a less than stellar something. This was puzzling because it was a perfectly nice store.

I ended up getting a top's worth of Zitron Savanna, which is a DK/sport cotton/linen/rayon blend, in an exuberant orange. I've been craving orange for months now, and this should do the trick! It cost gulp dollars, but really, souvenir yarn is priceless.

The weather was gorgeous, and I did a lot of walking. I walked to the aquarium, found the line too long, and didn't go in. It looks cool from the outside though.

Liquid Earth provided a lovely, vegetarian break. This is an Oxymoron, a delicious mixture of strawberry, banana, chocolate, coffee, and other good stuff. Strange but good!

I realized I forgot to pack the fascinator which I had been saving for the next wedding I attended. Having packed a black dress which is very dour without the fascinator (I last wore it to a funeral), I went shopping. A fruitless trip to filene's basement did lead to this bizarre gem of a scene:

Like old roman statues at a big public bath!

In the end, I found a whole new outfit and accessories, including a new fascinator, hee! The wedding I went to was at the American Visionary Art Museum, which also had many bizarre gems on display. Here's the bus with critters that sits out front.

All in all, a fun trip. I took the Bainbridge socks--I declare socks to be the perfect traveling project now--and turned the heels. Henceforth, they will be called the Bainbridge-Baltimore socks!


Team Knit ! said...

good score on the yarn, and you're right- souvenir yarn is the best!! that smoothie/shake looks amazing.... looks like you had a great time!

- Julie

mooncalf said...

Wow - great trip. Fancy dress, yarn shopping, new outfit, exotic drinks, freaky mannequins, socks! Everything :)

emicat said...

I love the roman mannequin bath shot! Looks like another fun trip for you.

I haven't had any souvenir yarn lately - I think I need to plan a trip :)

And I agree - socks are a great travel project.