Wednesday, July 8, 2009

WIP: Little Liza Jane

As the reward for finally finishing one languishing project, I got to cast on for a new (hopefully-won't-languish) project. It's Little Liza Jane from the most recent Twist Collective, which is a little girl's jumper*. The yarn, babyboo, is working out great so far. It's soft and squishy, has good stitch definition, doesn't split, and has a bit of shimmer without having any itchy bits. Who can resist smiling, seeing this bright happy fabric? Especially when it is machine washable?

The measurements for the bottom skirt part are way off, so despite having bang-on gauge, my first try was over 30" around! For a 12-month old's size! So I went down to the 6-month size, went down a needle size, and this one looks much more reasonable. I'm on the boring skirt/dress part, and am measuring every other row to see if I can start on the top part of the jumper* yet.

*For all you brits and anglophiles, a jumper is like an overall-dress (like a skirt and tanktop mashup), not a sweater.


soknitpicky said...

Awww, how cute! I love baby knits but am bad about not making any :-(

Rose Red said...

Hee hee, American english is funny - you call jumpers (and cardigans) "sweaters" and you call a pinafore dress a "jumper". Learn something new every day!

It's a very cute pattern!

mooncalf said...

It looks lovely (and thank you for the translation - I would have been thinking the wrong thing otherwise). The link to the pattern doesn't work though.

Looking forward to seeing how it turns out. Some friends are having a baby later this year but they don't know the gender yet so I can't cast on...