Thursday, July 16, 2009

WIP: Saturday in the Park Dress

Another project cast on. Woohoo! This is the top of the Saturday in the Park Dress, from Fitted Knits (Stefanie Japel). The color is wonky, probably because I took it with a flash indoors. It's the exact yarn and color called for in the pattern, but the color is different than the photos in the book. Ah well.

I'm still at the honeymoon stage of a top-down dress--the fun raglan seams, neckline, starting the patterned portion. In a couple days I'll be sick of the whole thing and the endless miles of yarn needed for a knitted dress. And it's not like it's a lacy dress on BA (big-ass) needles. This is lots of dense stockinette, and panels of a cool cabley pattern, which on closer examination is actually 3x2 ribbing with a few twists. I've been duped! At least, thanks to shortiness, and I get to take 6 inches off the dress. Yay!


tina said...

Looks really interesting, can't wait to see it. Have to laugh about being dudped about the 3x2 ribbing......... sigh.

mooncalf said...

hurrah for shortiness!

Maybe you could add in your own cool cabliness if you wanted it?

soknitpicky said...

I'm all for shortiness!