Sunday, August 30, 2009

Double re-finished objects

Today was a day for re-finishing two FO's which really should have been rehabbed a long time ago. (Well actually it was a day for working and cleaning and studying, but that is neither here nor there.)

First is the Corinne dress. It got longer and longer and longer, and ended up a giant fishnet-like horror show.

I started frogging, with the intention of frogging the whole thing and making a top out of the yarn (Rowan cotton glace). Every time I frog a FO I am so shocked by how well I weave in ends, because when I'm weaving in ends I sort of half-ass loop the yarn through whatever bump I can find on the fabric, and the whole thing seems like it might fall apart if someone puts it on and takes a deep breath. Well apparently the strategy works, because it's really hard to find and undo the ends! Anyway, I was merrily frogging, when I felt a sudden regret. All this parachute lace, with tricky double decreases! And the ruffle at the bottom, my god, the ruffle! That thing took forever and a day to make, with all the short-row ruffle-ing. So I quit frogging around the waist, and decided to make it into a skirt.

Which took a lot longer than I thought it was going to take. Miraculously, when I picked up the stitches, I didn't miss a single one. The elation was short lived, as I realized that the waist would have to be in ribbing. In the end, I did 20 rows of 1x1 ribbing (all penance has paid for the year imho), with a purl row in the middle. I folded over the ribbing and did a hem bind-off, while incorporating elastic into the hem. (I am opposed to elastic waists in general, so this is embarassing to admit. But the cotton ribbing didn't seem quite sproingy enough to hold up the skirt.) At this point, it occurred to me that I had used US size 2 needls sort of on a lark, and that maybe the waist wouldn't actually get past the hips. Thankfully, the knitting gods were watching out for me, and it worked out fine. I then made a slip out of this maroon fabric, because I tried to buy a colored slip before and failed, and what's the fun of wearing a knitted lace dress/skirt if you can't show off the lace?

I sewed the slip into the skirt, which was really stupid, because then it was too tight and it wouldn't get past my hips. Ha! So then I had to undo all of that, and sew a separate thin elastic into the fabric to make a separate, real slip.

Unbeknownst to me, Cammy decided to pose too (look at the pictures again!), but decided she was too cool for this sort of thing during the last picture.

The other FO is one that should have been done, er, 5.5 months ago. It's a February lady/girl sweater for my niece that has been unfinished for lack of notions. After months of searching for nice ribbon, and failing, I made some ribbony stuff out of the same fabric as the skirt slip. It's used to line the buttonbands (snap-bands, in this case), so that the yarn doesn't get horribly stretched as the snaps un-snap. Look at all this hand-sewing! A gold star for me today!

I attached cute bee buttons, sewed on the snaps, and--voila--finally finished!


Team Knit ! said...

what a great way to save the dress- turn it into a skirt!! looks awesome, what a great idea. that cardi for your niece is too cute for words! love those bee buttons.

- Julie

emicat said...

You're quite the innovative knitter :) You didn't have to frog it all and ended up with a really cute skirt!

Love the bee buttons on the FLS for your niece. Both very lovely FOs.

tina said...

That skirt is insanely wonderful! I can't wait to see it! I would LOVE to knit one but, well BUTT! :)

great job------- perhaps your re'ing will inspire me to haul out the satchel. Again.

mooncalf said...

Your new skirt looks amazing. I'm glad you managed to save all that work on the lace and the ruffle too. I think it is better than ever!

Rachel said...

Very, very clever! I love the skirt with the slip underneath; very French and sexy, lol, and that February baby sweater is just adorable! I love it! said...

Man I wish I had your legs!!! Sorry had to say it. They are awsome! The skirt is awsome! And the sewing of fabric is a wonderful idea. I would not have thought of that! Cute finsihed project too. The cat is adorable! And I have to know where you got them buttons! My sister is named Beatrice and we call her Bea so those would fit her to a tee!!! marion

orata said...

This skirt is so hot! I love it. Nice save.