Thursday, August 13, 2009


The mail-lady brought, from the mama of the recipient of the Little Liza Jane dress, the first handwritten thank you note I have ever received in return for a handknit. Manners aren't dead yet! Thanks Lyndielou, for keeping my faith in humanity alive! Somebody is going to get many more knitted presents.

Have any of you lovely knitter-readers ever received an actual thank you note for a knitted gift? If so, did you 1) frame it, 2) laminate it, or 3) sleep with it under your pillow for a week?


anitak76 said...

I got a nice thank you card from a fellow knitter to whom I gifted a scarf I made. I kept it out on my windowsill for quite a while and now have it tucked away in a scrapbook.


betty said...

I don't make that many hand knit gifts, but I definitely remember getting thank you notes for three of them. The 3 gifts went to 2 different recipients. I was not surprised by the notes. I think both of them like to write letters with paper stationery. One of the recipients and I are both of the "older generation" and we grew up when hand written notes were the norm.

Team Knit ! said...

ah, hand written notes- they are fantastic. I actually decided to go to the university I went to based on a hand written note I received. That's power, baby!

- Julie

VeganCraftastic said...

Yay, it's always nice when people appreciate knitted goodness :)

emicat said...

No actual thank you notes, but I knew my dad really loved the knit cap I made for him last Christmas when he gently explained to my mom that this hat can't go in the washer :)

Rachel said...

You have seriously NEVER gotten a thank you note? Wow!

Of course, I really only knit stuff for my family members, and my Mum was a huge believer in the "always write a thank you note for anything" club.

Well, you knit lovely stuff, so I'm sure the recipient was really happy with your knit!

Anonymous said...

If heartfelt verbal appreciation and email messages count, then yes, I've received thank yous, but no, none of them have ever been hand written.

Your tiny recipient will obviously grow up to be a lovely gracious woman, with such an excellent example to inspire her!