Saturday, August 1, 2009

FO: At last, cut short

This Saturday in the Park Perfect Dress (Stefanie Japel) was the first and longest-lived resident in my ravelry queue. I bought Fitted Knits just so I could knit this dress. And finally, finally, I got the yarn called for in the pattern, the same colorway even! I had to swatch twice before getting gauge. And at last, I cast on.

As you can see, I cast off before it became a dress. It was fine for a while, then I realized that there are so many little things that bother me about the pattern, that eventually add up to, well, I just don't love it. And it's not perfect. And there's no way I can knit a whole dress if I don't love it and it's perfect. So I cut it short as a top.

This pattern was clearly made for someone with a large bust, and then scaled down for the other sizes without accounting for all three dimensions of bodies. The neckline is ridiculously low, even after I raised it 1.5", because it is at the same place for all the different sizes, although for the larger sizes more vertical space would be taken up by boobage. The book goes into detail about how to make clothes "fitted," which essentially consists of doing more or less raglan repeats, which to me doesn't make sense because adding more raglan repeats just makes more armpit bunchies. Sigh. To top it all off, there is no actual "fitting" for the waist, just ribbing to make it tight, which is sort of cheating, and unattractive on most anyway. Maybe I'm so disappointed because I had put this dress on a pedestal--the picture in the book with the shady trees and greenery seduced me and blinded me to the actual details of the pattern.

This is from the side. I knew I should have done short row shaping! Arrrg! The back ends up lower than the front, and the little roll that forms as a result is made even more obvious by the boundary between the stockinette and ribbing. Grr. I do like the cable pattern, although it's just a sneaky, sneaky way to disguise ribbing.

The yarn is Cascade Pima Silk in the 5141 colorway, and truly lovely blue shade. I used just under 5 balls. Which leaves 5 to be exchanged at the LYS, yeehaw!

My mods were 1) stopping at the shirt-stage, 2) making sleeves one cable repeat shorter, 3) adding bust darts hidden in the purled section, 4) making the neck edge one layer instead of two, 5) raising the neckline, 6) starting the ribbing/cabling 2" above the waist instead of below the waist, 7) changing to smaller needles for the 2" on either side of waist. Needles were US size 6 (4mm).

Now, onto something better...the fall issues of both Vogue Knitting and Interweave Knits arrived today!! I'd been drooling over all the new patterns online, and spent a ludicrously long time looking at the videos of all the VK patterns, and even without having opened the magazines yet, I declare this autumn the best knitting season ever!


Rachel said...

That does look lovely on you, and I really like the color too!

Rose Red said...

I'm sorry it didn't work out for you as anticipated, but on the flip side, it is a great colour on you and I think it looks good on you too. And you get to exchange that yarn - hurrah!

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tina said...

third time is a charm to comment---

it is very cute regardless of the mod! I know it was slightly disappointing to you but you made the best out of it. The best part is that you got a long resident up and out of the queue!

should I say I agree with the previous comment (hee)

Anonymous said...

That is indeed very flattering on you. I like the Renaissance bodice feel of the front. Your mods certainly worked well here. Your comments were so helpful -- I made Japel's Knitted Bodice last year & couldn't for the life of me figure out why its first iteration was so gigantic on me. Now I understand why. The instructions about adding extra raglan rows really do not work. I ended up with a gigantic sweater (well, maybe not gigantic, but a very loose sweater) that had to be refitted in other ways. Anyway, thanks for this blog -- really helps me to understand fitting and construction issues.


donnac1968 said...

It would have been a lovely dress but I think it has turned out beautifully as a top. Handy that it was top down so you could stop where you did.