Tuesday, August 11, 2009

FO: Leaf Yoke top

This one came off the needles pretty fast, but may end up going back on. It's the Leaf Yoke Top from the summer issue of Knit.1, knitted with blue sky alpaca Dyed (organic) Cotton. This was taken indoors so the color is a bit off--it's truer in the last picture.

I love the yoke part. I don't really love the rest of it, mainly because it grew. Partly it grew during blocking, and partly my gauge got bigger as I relaxed in the middle of all the stockinette. I actually recalculated my waist shaping and everything mid-project, but it still ended up way too big, probably 1-2 inches too wide everywhere. Also, it stretched a bit in length, which is ok except that now the dust barts (bust darts) hit a bit too low. (This is how I know it actually stretched, instead of just being able to pretend I lost that much weight working out!) The whole top is going to go for a very gentle spin in the dryer, to see if I can shrink it just a touch. If that fails, then it'll be frogged up to the yoke and reknit. Boo.

Overall this was a great pattern, especially the cool yoke construction. The only mods I'd make, besides making it with a bouncier yarn, is making the armholes smaller. The pattern as written makes the armholes way big; they are the right size for a long-sleeved sweater, but too big for a sleeveless tank. The top ended up using exactly 3 balls of yarn, which leaves a whole unwound skein to be returned! I love how soft and fuzzy this cotton is, and I hope it holds up over time.


mooncalf said...

It does look good. Interesting to know about the arm holes too. I have my eye on that to make it as a sweater with arms (we don't get the weather for worsted sleeveleess cotton tops).

Thea said...

It really is beautiful -- since it's just stockinette and you know exactly what you want to fix, I bet it'll be worth the quick redo.... been waiting to see how it came out!

Team Knit ! said...

It's so pretty!! Great job.

- Julie

e said...

looks beautiful! love the color!!

Rachel said...

That looks beautiful on you, but too bad that it behaved badly, lol! I once knit a sweater from cotton, and I swore I'd never do it again, because I could never figure out how it would pull or stretch once I was done!

emicat said...

da-yum you're a super fast knitter (even while studing for board exams!) I'm impressed :)

That really looks great on you and I really do love that color - so beautiful! That yoke really makes the top so elegant - great job!