Wednesday, August 5, 2009

WIP: Leaf yoke top

This one, from the summer issue of Knit.1 (it's the one with the lady wearing sunglasses), is coming along swiftly. Big gauge is so fun! The yarn is Blue Sky Alpaca cotton (funny, no alpaca), which is soft and snuggly and wonderfully teal. Even without blocking, I'm loving the cool bold lace yoke, and, although it was a total PITA beyond all PITAs, the i-cord edging around the neck and arms is just right.

I've realized my posting is getting sparser, which made realize that I'm exhausted. Not as exhausted as during residency when I was deprived of all basic needs (sleep, food, water, smiles), but still. I've started working out in earnest, thanks to the gym being in the same building as my work, and now my days look like this:

1 hour - wake, walk to work
10 hours - work
2 hours - work out
1 hour- shower, walk home, scarf down dinner
2 hours - study for board exams, which I cannot fail because they cost $3000, plus the shame
8 hours - sleep

Ok, ok, some of that study time goes to knitting and knitblog/ravelry-perusing. Still, it would be great to have 1 more hour in the day to chat with all you lovely people, but duties call. So please forgive the lack of posts, until I get into shape and take my boards.


mooncalf said...

Take care of yourself Yoel! And good luck with all your projects, knitting and non-knitting.

betty said...

The top is coming along nicely. That leaf yoke sweater has been one of my favorite tops this summer. I think I got exhausted just reading about your daily schedule!

emicat said...

Oh I love the detail - and great choice in the yarn color. That's gonna be one beauty! But then again, what isn't with your FOs :)

W0w, that's a lot of $$$ for the board exam - I had no idea! And here I am bitching about getting my broker's exam at about $300 :P

Wishing you the best of luck - study hard and we'll be waitin for ya!

Rachel said...

That's looking beautiful, and get some rest if you can!

Team Knit ! said...

the top is looking gorgeous! I don't know where you're finding time to knit during such a busy schedule, but hopefully it'll all pay off! Glad you are making time for sleep, it makes dealing with everything else much easier.

- Julie

soknitpicky said...

The top looks great! When are your boards?