Saturday, October 31, 2009

Double FO: befores and afters

The best fun of binding off a shawl is blocking it. This is what I call the fat feather duster, because it's the Feather Duster (by Susan Lawrence) knitted with fat yarn. The yarn is Alpaca with a Twist Highlander (worsted-aran weight) left over from Vivian. Altogether it took just under 2 skeins of yarn. Here it is before, sad and unblocked.

Here it is after, smooth and pretty and snuggly!

If you're wondering whether I really knitted the same shawl pattern twice in a row, yes, I did indeed. It's so easy and quick, especially with the fat yarn, on ginorm US 10.5 needles! I did only 4 pattern repeats, rather than 6, because I was running out of yarn, and it ended up the right size. I can wear it more like a shawl,

or more like a cowl/scarf.

FO #2, Fern Glade (by Megan Marshall) is done and blocked, after I was able to get another ball of Suri Merino. The blocking was done on a plate and a balled-up towel, for slouch, and holy crap it ended up huge! As previously mentioned, these slouchy hats look goofy on me. Here's the before:

After knitting two hats in  a row that I can't wear because they look goofy, I decided that enough is enough, and got my hair cut to accommodate my knitting. Here's the after:

Look, bangs! I've never had bangs (or fringe, as some say, which is even better) before, having been told they would make my face look even more round. Well phooey to them, because that is so not true, and now I feel like one of the cool girls!

I saw this tree on the way home from the haircut, one of the last, proud few with vibrant leaves still. It's a perfect autumn day. Happy Halloween!


Allyson said...

I love that shawl! It looks so great as a shawl and as a scarf! So cute. said...

I adore the shawl!!! It looks beautiful on a beautiful woman!!! :) And the hair I love the look on you!!! I can relate to what you are saying about hats I have a extra large head so none of them slouch on me they all look funny on me. Hugs Cheers to a great job done!!! God Bless

Thea said...

You know I agree with the bangs decision! They suit you very nicely. You and the hat! And I love the shawl - amazing how lace looks in heavier yarn, isn't it?

betty said...

Great looking shawl and hat! I will have to agree that those hats do look better on heads with bangs.

Team Knit ! said...

I love both the shawl and the hat!! Lace looks so sculptural and different when done with thicker yarns and bigger needles. Gorgeous FOs!

- Julie

e said...

what is the balled up towel blocking for a hat??

i have a cashmere beret that i knit but never wear it because i feel like its not slouchy ENOUGH!

both the shawl and hat look amazing!!

Laura said...

Very cool indeed! lovely shawl, great hat, lovely haircut!

mooncalf said...

Love the both!

And having a haircut to match your knitwear - awesome!

P.S. I like your fringe too. Really suits you.