Thursday, October 22, 2009

In with the new, out with the old, and a FO

It's funny, how when you have a big deadline like a huge exam, you think that life will be hunky-dory afterwards, filled with bonbons and knitting. Then the big event passes, and you find the following lists scrawled on papers scattered all over the desk: "Things to do on vacation," "To do after boards," "Important house stuff to fix," "Must finish before boards!", "Do now!" and so on. And not one thing has been completed on any of these lists. For a todo-list-maker, the solution to the madness is simple. It is to combine all the lists into one mega-super-todo-list, on a clean piece of paper, preferably an index card (with no lines!), with categories such as "presents" (wedding gifts for the past 3 attended), "office" (ex: figure out retirement savings), and "to make" (very long list involving several skills/crafts). Despite the fact that none or few of these things will actually get done, it is very satisfying to have it all on one list. And so it is chez yoelknits. The one thing I've accomplished is ordering a huge amount of Tom's of Maine floss. It is the best--seriously, your teeth have not known joy until you use it!--but only comes in small (32-yard) quantities that are hard to find and expensive at the store. I even asked (ok, begged) the company to see if they sold it in skeins or cones, but no such luck. So I ordered 24 packs of dental floss, and grandly crossed off this single task from the mega-super-todo-list with a flourish. (Btw, I have no financial or other interest in Tom's of Maine, I just heart the floss.)

This is a roundabout way of saying not much knitting, or at least finishing of objects has occurred. The Market cardi has stalled at the sleeves. Arg sleeves! They are the pits, and attached to the pits too! I'm doing them two at a time, but really it's none at a time. When guilt about one project strikes, a surefire way to assuage such guilt is to start another project, preferably from the stash. It is absolutely shocking to me that I completely cleared my stash just over a year ago, and here we are with an overflowing tub of yarn!

My attempt to knit this Fern Glade hat from leftover yarn from the stash has been stalled by running out of yarn.

So during vacation, I stopped by the Yarn Boutique in Rochester NY, ostensibly to pick up another skein of this yarn. As I had secretly hoped, they did not have this yarn. They did, however, have many other yarns. Check it out:

What a great selection! It was a really big store (The pics show about half of the store) and the employees were friendly and helpful, without being too intrusive. (Recently I've been totally turned off an unnamed St Louis yarn store by an employee who obnoxiously yells "Can I help you?" in my face before I'm even in the door, and then hovers very close behind, infecting my handknits with her ick. Um, well, maybe I need help, but how about a "hello, nice to see you again?" Or maybe I will just answer no and turn around and leave. I was a big fan of this store, to the point where I'm on the special big-spender list there, but no mas!) Anyway, I took a long look and tried to get stuff that wouldn't add too much to the stash but would be enough to make real projects.

I ended up with one skein each of turquoise Malabrigo lace, for a shawl,

and plummy-pinkish Araucania, for a thicker shawl or scarf.

I'm not a yarn-obsessive, and don't go crazy for yarn brands, but now I can understand why other people go nuts for these two yarns.

After getting home, and the new skeins would not fit in the neat little plastic bin of yarn, I got serious about cleaning out some leftover skeins/balls in there, mainly to put off thinking about the f*ing sleeves of the Market cardi.

So I made a hat, with the leftover Cascade Venezia from one of the St James tops. The pattern is Lotus Hat (free pattern), by UptownPurl. I did an extra repeat of the lace to make it slouchier, which seems to be all the rage these days. It was still tight, so I blocked it pretty hard. And it came out delightfully slouchy!

I hadn't counted on how funny I'd look with a slouchy hat. There's nothing wrong with the hat, it's just the combo with my face/head shape--it's just...goofy, there's no other word for it. This is why Mr. Brain Model is is now Mr. Hat Model. It looks kind of goofy on him too, because he doesn't have much of his skull, but not as goofy as on me.

The center of the hat comes together in a lovely lotus pattern.

It's just a little creepy that you can see his blood vessels through the lace.

Next time, a WIP shot of another Feather Duster shawl, this time with big yarn, leftover from Vivian!


Sereknitty said...

Love the hat! Thank you for the pattern. I'll have to check out that floss -- I think their toothpaste is fab, too.

betty said...

Nice hat, and I love the brain model. It has good Halloween potential.
For me, the sleeves go the fastest. I finish the entire body of the garment (buttons, sewing, weaving in ends, everything),and assuming I love the fit, I'm motivated to finish the sleeves because I'm dying to wear the sweater.

Rose Red said...

Wow, what a great looking yarn store! Wish we had those here!

Love that hat pattern - just fabulous!

mooncalf said...

I love hats - they're perfect 'treat' knitting.

Congrats on surviving your boards!

Allyson said...

I think the brain dude is the perfect choice to model the hat! I'd want to cover up that guy's brain, too :)

And perfect for Halloween!

Team Knit ! said...

love the new hat!! and all the awesome yarn you got, too!

- Julie

e said...


the hat looks great! said...

oh I am so jelous that you have such wonderful yarn stores. But alas I couldnt even step in the door right now (the saying my grandma used to say comes to mind "she dont have a pot to piss in) LOL but alas I do have some fiber that needs spinning up and then I will have my very own yarn. LOL LOVE LOVE LOVE the hat. My problem is I have a large head so none of them supposedly slouchy hats ever slouch. LOL Yea for big headded people.