Sunday, November 22, 2009

Busy bee

Aaaaahhhh, internet! The modem died this past weekend. We did the usual thing and unplugged it for a while, unplugged everything, replugged everything back in, assuming all would be well. It's amazing how well this strategy works, because it was shocking when it did not. And not the second, third, or fourth time. Suddenly I kicked myself for throwing phone books out, because how is one supposed to find out anything without internet? Like the number to call when the internet is broken? Or where to go to buy a new one, or what their hours might be? The internet/phone company got bought by another one, and I'd gone paperless before then, so it was a long, long, round-a-bout extravaganza of automated voices before I got a Real Person. And this Real Person, who knows things, also had me unplug and replug things back in, but into a different outlet. Oof! So obvious! But ha--the little light was still angry red, not happy green. And the Real Person said "Don't try plugging it in anymore, because it's no longer working." Then she had me read the serial number from the bottom of the modem, put that into her system, and promptly told me that since it was activated on "approximately June 16, 2006," it was simply a very old modem. Thus its death did not deserve further investigation, and that either I could buy a new modem on my own, or wait for the sales people on the line. 3.5 years for a modem to be too old to live!? That makes me like 10 old/dead-modems old, and it is very depressing. The happy end result is that DH went out and got a new modem, and it is so shiny and fast! Whee!

So long story short, it's now too late to photograph the hobo gloves I finished. And suddenly it's super busy holiday time anyway. Yesterday, the knitting ladies and I got together to make holiday decorations for the cafe which has graciously allowed a bunch of knitters to, well, knit every week. We were all thrilled by not having to swatch, weave in ends, kitchener, worry about fit, worry about function, worry about cleaning, and generally not have to care about anything except how cute everything is in miniature knitting. Pics are coming soon, promise. Prepare to swoon and squeal!

Meanwhile, today was a huge shopping day, the horror of which was mitigated only by the fact that I was shopping for food, not clothes (or modem!). After a concerted effort to "eat down" the pantry/freezer, we were down to mere scraps. (The poor knitting ladies yesterday had to eat a quiche made of frozen store-bought pie crust, frozen spinach, an onion, an old apple, and the last couple eggs. It turned out pretty tasty though, I must say!) So today was Thanksgiving plus restocking-the-pantry day, and I managed to get an obscene volume of food. Then, since it would not fit in the fridge, plus in preparation for vegetarian thanksgiving, I started some cooking, which then devolved into a several-hour-long food preparation festival. So far I have
-roasted beets, then sliced/flavored them in preparation for beet salad, b/c beets must be sliced/flavored while warm!
-cooked down beet greens
-shredded and cooked down a HUGE amount of kale into a much smaller amount, which is still bigger than the avg human head
-made 1/2 gallon of roasted veggie stock
-made another quiche to clear out the fridge altogether (caramelized onion, parsnip, apple, and smoked gouda--must write this down, it was so yummy!)
-made cranberry-red-wine sauce (really, a jam, who are we kidding?)
-turned broccoli into florets
-washed, spun, and wrapped 3 different greens/herbs 
-and many other things.

The only regret of the day is not getting salsify, which I've never had, but have hilarious skits in my head about, in all the ways it would be funny if someone thought it was falsify.

Actual knitting content and pictures next time, promise.


Anonymous said...

That's interesting. My modem died on Monday; I wonder whether you inadvertently carried some kind of Modem Swine Flu back from my house??

The quiche was delicious.

My verification word today is unfibble. I'll try to take it to heart.


Thea said...

have fun! Can't wait to see the little decorations...