Sunday, November 29, 2009

Orange walls

For the first time since finishing school, I was able to have a long weekend off for Thanksgiving! It's amazing how much can be accomplished with just one long weekend. First, we had some friends over for Thanksgiving dinner. There was very little to eat, so good thing the company was lovely.

Inside, from left to right:
-cranberry red-wine sauce/jam
-mashed potatoes with olive oil
-shittake mushroom gravy
-green beans with vinaigrette
-bread + mushroom stuffing
-pan-roasted brussels sprouts with pine nuts
-sweet potatoes with chipotle, and crumbly topping

Outside, clockwise from upper right:
-rolls (the only not-from-scratch item)
-roasted seitan with garlic and sesame oil
-quinoa, raisin, walnut, and "soyrizo" stuffing
-butternut squash lasagna (brought by guest)

Not shown:
-carrot + lentil soup
-roasted beet and goat cheese salad
-cheeses and crackers

Oh, also, desserts (left to right):

-pumpkin chocolate chip cookies from this Yumsugar recipe
-pear frangipane (hazelnut) tart
-butternut squash pie
-not in picture yet: cinnamon rolls by guest, ice cream

I am thankful that these foods taste even better as leftovers! Yay vegetarian thanksgiving. Yummy yum yum.

The post-party-cleaning led to one thing which led to another, and now we are in full re-decorating and organizing mode. The storage room in the basement, which has been a nagging, hideous thought in my mind for every day since moving in, is finally clean! There has been a lot of shuffling around of lamps, rugs, furniture, art, etc, and a lot of forhead-smacking--because how could we have lived for so long with these things in the wrong place? One of the bigger changes is this:

A couch in the dining room! Before we had the table the other way, with a fairly boring and formal setup (see pic above), with regular chairs and pics of different varieties of pear up on the walls. And it was well and good, but not somewhere I wanted to spend a lot of time. This couch was in the living room, and it was just not fitting in, and besides it was too crowded in there. The initial plan was to get rid of the couch, so we pushed it closer to the door, towards the dining room. Then, the light bulb went off above my head, and after a shuffling about, now there's a comfy couch to lounge and sip one's coffee (and knit! hee!) while looking out the window.

Up on the walls are a few cityscapes (or townscapes, which are my fave) from a prior Etsy binge. From left to right, they are by (links to Etsy item): beverlybrown, copperinc, artquirk, carambatack, janicej. Revamping this room, and the rest of the house in little ways, has made a huge difference. Now I wanna quit the job and stay at home all day. Well, for a couple more days anyway...

(Btw, the walls are orange, which most people feel compelled to point out when they visit. Yes, indeed, the walls are orange.)


betty said...

I thought you said there was very little to eat. That looked like a ton of food to me!

tina said...

a lovely outcome from domesticity. Inspired domesticity at that!

yoel said...

@Betty--I was just kidding. There was a ton of food, and more! Still eating it, in fact.

mooncalf said...

Hi, You've won some Malabrigo Worsted in my blogiversary competition. If you could drop me a line with your address at I'll get it in the post. Thanks for commenting! said...

Wow sweetie you out did your self!!! Wishing I was at your house for Thanksgiving. I do eat meat and would have been more than happy to go without and not even minded at your houe!!! Thanks for shareing your wonderful feast! We are so blessed by our God! Hugs