Tuesday, November 10, 2009

WIP: Greenbell gloves

Knitting is a good barometer for life. When I'm productive, creative, energetic, and cheerful, I knit lots of fun stuff. When I get in a rut, my knitting runs into the ground. For no good single reason, but for many smaller, irritating reasons, we are in rut season. The only good piece of news is that I found my size 7 dpns, and finished the knitting on my Market Cardi. "Only" the seaming remains. Well, another piece of good news is that the weather is unseasonably warm. Otherwise, things are all work, no play, and then I go to sleep only to be interrupted by more work, wake up, and repeat the whole thing over again. And all I've managed to knit in the past week is a hobo glove that will have to be frogged.


These are Bluebell gloves, but since they are all green, they are greenbell gloves. The yarn is leftover from another pair of green hobo gloves. All was well until the last bit, when the yarn ran out and I had to truncate the whole thing (not so bad since my fingers are short), but still there isn't enough for the thumb. (Half the stitches for the thumb are on the stitch holder.) Unfortunately it's the wrist (cast-on) end that's too long, so the whole thing has to be frogged to re-knit it just a bit shorter, to create enough leftover yarn for the thumb. Oh bother!

Thank goodness for knit night on Tuesdays. I missed so many weeks in a row due to work, that now I just leave work with crapola all over my desk as soon as the last patient is seen, knit and gab, and then go back to work for a few hours to finish all the paperwork. I do this, for all the reasons CanaryKnits listed for knit night, and more. Even when one is in a rut, it's so vicariously satisfying to see someone make miles of progress on an intricate fair isle shirt, or finish a dizzyingly-perfect geometric blanket! Also, the other knit night peeps suggested that maybe hobo gloves don't really need thumb bits at all, just a hole for the thumb. They are officially wise and good people!


Anna said...

So sad I missed you tonight!

Team Knit ! said...

ooh, they look great so far!

- Julie