Monday, December 14, 2009


Check out the cutesy knitted holiday ornaments our knit group made for the cafe who hosts us every week, over at Knitting Contessa! Too too cute, yes? They are displayed up above the liquor bottles, very appropriate for the holidays!

The mailwoman brought a giftie from Mooncalf--I won some yarn in a drawing from her blog, Make do and Mend. Yay! It's a lovely skein of malabrigo worsted in dark green. I immediately cast on for a hat, and put all other (gift and non-gift) projects aside.

What's on your holiday wish list?

((For the first time ever, I've made a list, because it has been made apparent to me that I am picky, to put it mildly, and this is the only way of avoiding the pain of having to re-gift or trash or give away things unnecessarily. It's waaay down over to the right.))


mooncalf said...

yay! Looking forward to seeing the hat :)

I'm wishing for a Weather Station this year. One that tells me the internal and external temp and humidity and stuff. I am a weather geek and very excited by the prospect :)

Julie said...

that yarn is so pretty!! congrats!

betty said...

Malabrigo worsted is probably my favorite worsted weight yarn. I don't have much of a wish list this year, probably because I have way too much stuff anyway. However, last year, I did request and receive a a tripod, which has been one of the most useful gifts ever.