Friday, January 1, 2010

A new year

2009 went by too fast. Knitting took a far back seat to work this past year, so the FO list isn't quite what it was last year: 5 short-sleeved or sleeveless tops, 4 sweaters, 4 Vests (1*), 4 hats, 3 shawls,  2 pairs socks, 1 pair gloves, 1 baby dress, 1 headband, 1 cat bed, 1 skirt*, 1 easter toy.
(*Frogged down from larger projects.)

Here they all are:

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I wrote only one pattern, Mermaid, although Akimbo is also written up, just waiting for math for sizing.

I usually make as many resolutions/goals as the years I'll have lived, ie 30 for 2009. I usually throw in a couple freebies, like passing the board exam, and those are the only ones I kept this past year. My knitting-related resolution in 2009 was to avoid accumulating any stash, which I sort of did. I have only two projects' worth of unused yarn, the orange yarn from Baltimore, and a single skein of purple yarn from Rochester. Otherwise the rest of the stash bin is all leftovers. Thankfully my mom came to visit, and crocheted up almost all of it into five pairs of slippers and a couple potholders!!

So the year can start on a new, fresh note, at least in terms of knitting. The knitting resolution for this year is to write up at least one pattern per season.

Happy New Year everyone!


Julie said...

awesome projects in 2009!!

havfaith said...

How fun to see all of your projects for the whole year. Beautiful work!

I'm just now teaching myself to crochet (gotta love Youtube!) and am hoping to use up a lot of odds and ends that way. Trying to cut down on my stash this year...

Sereknitty said...

Well, it may not seem like a lot of projects to you, but I was most impressed! You have a large selection of varied items, all beautifully made. I think you can pat yourself on the back. Not to mention that you were able to whittle your stash down -- very commendable!

Lisa in western MA said...

Awesome, I think -- you're amazingly prolific! Congratulations on passing your boards (as well as on all that knitting), and happy new year!

mooncalf said...

Happy New Year Yoel - great projects and a very impressively low stash count!

Excellent leftover-finishing from Yoel-mum too :)

tina said...

excellent post------ and how great to see a whole years worth of knitting. I hadn't thought to break it down like that (I'd be most disappointed I think.....)

And..... a great job by your Mum!

Siddali said...

Wow, that's so impressive -- a wonderful array of FOs across a wide range of techniques. And b/c I've seen most of them up close, I know that they're all beautifully finished. So inspiring!

Tell your Mom I love the slippers. Would she be willing to share the pattern?