Sunday, February 14, 2010


A pall of failishness has fallen on the knitting these days. The honeybee cardi had to be scrapped because despite swatching, somehow my gauge is way off. My horizontal (stitch) gauge is bang-on, but my vertical (row) gauge in the honeybee pattern is crazy wrong. And for those of you about to say, no worries, it'll block out: Each 6-row repeat is supposed to be 1.5 inches, and it's only 1 inch, and if I pull super-hard and pin it out, then it's 1.125 inches. Sigh. For most of the sweater it shouldn't be an issue because it's knit straight up and I can just go as long as needed, but the sleeves are seamless set-in sleeves, and who knows what could happen if the row gauge is off by 50%? A lot of badness, that's what. So although I am loving how this yarn looks in this lace pattern, sadly it will all (including 2" of ribbing, oh tragedy) need to be frogged.

I bought lots of yarn to test-knit a darling cardi (Un peu de chance) by Marie Adeline. Lots of pretty superwash wool DK yarn. Then I read the instructions, and realized that it's knit in the round and then steeked. Oops. Superwash ≠ steeking. I guess I'd better get some new yarn.

The Aphrodite shawl, which really took forever and a day to knit, finally came off the needles, and it blocked out like a dream. I was all psyched about taking FO pictures outside today, because the beading doesn't show well indoors, and even put it on my dorky schedule/todo list. Well, here's how it looks outside.

So, there are no FO pictures today, which is sort of the risk one takes by knitting a summer shawlette  in the dead of winter.

Hopefully Ravelympics, nerdy name and all, can save me from all this knitting failishness. I signed up for 2 events, even though I don't have TV and won't actually be watching the olympics, heh. The first event is the Aerial Unwind event, which is pretty easy--all it is is frogging a prior project. Since the Ravelympics are supposed to be for a challenging project, I thought I'd then knit up the frogged yarn too. I've been meaning to frog and re-knit a few things, including this Leaf Yoke top, which is a great design but the armholes are too big.

Also, my gauge changed mid-project, and the whole thing ended up huge. I pinned it to see how much I'd have to alter it. It's 4-6" too wide throughout, sags too low in the bust shaping, but then the whole top is too short. It was not happy in this incarnation.

So I frogged--whee!!--down to the circular yoke. This yarn (Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Cotton) frogged well without fuzzing everywhere.

It was so much fun I was inspired to recalculate all the shaping, and actually knit back down past the waist!

Hopefully this will be a quick Ravelympics medal for Team Buttercream (organized by Julie of Knitted Bliss)!


mooncalf said...

I've been having gauge issues recently too. Sometimes it seems like things all come together.

Love your Lace leaf re-working though. I'm sure it will turn your luck around! said...

Wow you are so amazing! I hope some day to be a great knitter like you! Maybe when I am 60 lol. I adore the colors you choose! Blues are my color or blue greens or any blues! Thanks for the comment on my blog too! These things are difficult but I cherish every moment I have with my loved ones so that is good!!! Hugs marion

tina said...

You succeed FAR more often than you fail!!!! Failures in knitting are after all merely chances to grow and be better knitters.

Polyanna :)

soknitpicky said...

Good luck with Ravelympics!

Thanks for the cardi link--I'd never seen that before. I really need to learn to do a steek!