Monday, February 1, 2010


The week before vacation is always the busiest, hence the unintended blog silence. Thank you to everyone who has downloaded Bougainvillea so far!!

I'm in Tulum, Mexico, for the annual seasonal-affective-disorder-prophylaxis February trip. Of course, as planned, it is raining. Thankfully, it is warm and colorful.

Packing at 1am, it was way too hard deciding which knitting to bring. I'm a wee bit into the Honeybee cardi by Laura Chau (cosmicpluto knits), and while I was sorely tempted to bring it, I decided that bringing 5 balls of yarn is antithetical to packing light, even if they are fingering weight.

So Aphrodite came along instead. It was rather complicated knitting with an open tube of beads and crochet hook on the plane/bus, but it all worked out and quite a bit more of the shawl has been knitted up. Only 5-6 beads absconded for the floor/seat crevices, so we'll doing well so far. Maybe I'll even finish and block here!


Allyson said...

That sounds like a complicated traveling pattern! I try to pick the easiest project I can find when I'm traveling so I don't get frustrated and angry on vacation. It's so pretty I don't think I would be able to put that project down. Can't wait to see the finished product!

Julie said...

travel knitting is always the most difficult decision!! I usually spend more time thinking about what project to bring than I do about what to pack....