Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nupps in New Orleans

Now begins a spring full of travel, mainly for work. This weekend was a very quick trip to New Orleans, quick enough that I'm already back and unpacked. This was my fourth visit there, yet only the first since Katrina, so there was a lot of catching up to do, primarily via the cabbie from the airport. In no specific order, the things I learned during that cab ride:

1) everyone from Missouri has animals

2) GWB was a shitty president who didn't do a damn thing for New Orleans after Katrina, and all the folks who left didn't come back, and every other building, even in the French Quarter, is for sale or rent

3) The Roosevelt Hotel finished re-habbing and now it's "cleaned up" and "really nice" on the outside and inside.

4) It's some sort of big basketball thing and there are lots of crazy fans. Also it is spring break, so there were lots of "young kids" partying it up.

I took a picture in the middle of the afternoon of hordes of drunk teenagers, but all it shows are a bunch of heads and sweaty backs, so never mind.

5) My cell phone company doesn't have many towers in New Orleans. (This cabbie is apparently quite an expert on different cell phone companies)

I ended up having only an hour outside the hotel. Except for a few rare buildings (like the one below), most buildings look pretty beaten-up, if not shuttered altogether.

Alas, there was no time for yarn or book shopping, but the Mr Eko Flower shawl grew. The main part of the shawl is done, and now I'm on the edging. The main part has just the kind of "open" nupps where a couple stitches turns into many stitches all at once, whereas on the edging, there are real nupps, where the many stitches turn back into one stitch all at once on the next row. Nupps are tricky little things!


Julie said...

looks like it was a strange journey!! That shawl looks lovely, but I hear you about laceweight nupps- not my favourite thing to do. :(

green LA girl said...

Was this trip for work? Neurology conference?

thea said...

We went to New Orleans two years ago and it was an amazing, overwhelming trip. The people were terrific, and it was hugely obvious the govt has failed them. But the beauty of the city and the spirit of the residents was apparent everywhere - - we didn't go to any chain stores/hotels/restaurants so $$ would stay in NO - and the locals were so appreciative. Would love to go back again. And gorgeous shawl - love that blue!

soknitpicky said...

At first, when I glanced at the title, I was thinking you got married in New Orleans. Which was odd since you already are married :-) I love the shawl and the color you chose.

It's too bad you didn't have time to check out Quarter Stitch. I've only been once, but it was a pretty good store.

emicat said...

I went to New Orleans in the mid 90's when my friend and I were heavily into Anne Rice and wanted to visit the city that influenced her books. It was one of my fave trips ever. I'm sure I'd be a completely different experience seeing how it is now. I hope it turns around someday though.

I love the color you chose for your shawl. I hope to tackle them nupps someday. I really need to start on more lace projects, stat!