Monday, March 8, 2010

Baby WIP and cooking

Sorry no non-secret FO's to see, just a little sweater in progress for DH's colleague's baby in utero.

I'm using the Baby Bunting pattern, by Linden Heflin, which does not look like a bunting (or does bunting not take an "a," like water? anyhoo....), but is just a regular cardigan--except super special because of  pockets!!! Thankfully I had some blue and tan yarns left over from Akimbo and Buttercup, respectively, so there's just enough yarn for a machine-washable thing with pockets, without a need for yet another yarn shopping trip. Plus I get to clear out the stash! Except for the pile of orange Zitron Savannah yarn which is to be knit up into another Akimbo, I don't have any full balls of yarn left. Woohoo!

Ok, ok, that's a total lie. Those would have been the last full balls of yarn, but then I was returning so much yarn to the yarn store one day, that I felt guilty and got some malabrigo laceweight.

I figured that since I have tentative plans to visit the Azores soon, I'd better have a matchy shawl similar to the ocean color there. And in a weird twisted knitterly way, I seriously debated internally for a good 10 minutes whether I'd want to have the matchy shawl to wear there, or whether I'd want to knit it there. In the end, I decided to knit it now, as my next project for the 10 shawls in 2010 thing on Ravelry. More on that when there's more to show!

Otherwise, it's a continually hectic circus around here. I haven't even watched the last episode of LOST yet, and it's been 6 whole days! Despite the flurry, the oh-so-closeness of spring has lifted my glum and downtrodden soul, and I was a bit more productive in the kitchen at least:

A loaf of no-knead bread that everyone and their mother have made already but I never got around to doing before. Yum! I used all whole wheat flour, which was a mistake because the bread is somewhat brick-like, but tasty all the same.

I baked a cake from scratch too--chocolate with mocha icing, and then covered with coconut after the crumb layer due to an icing fail (ok, DH ate by accident)--but didn't have a chance to take a photo. And if you don't know what a crumb layer is in cake icing, then you don't understand the pain.

And then I got glass storage containers, cleared out all the plastic ones with the leach-y chemicals, then fully re-organized the kitchen cabinets. Then I made food and filled up all the storage containers. It is so freaky-satisfying to have perfect little pre-measured and pre-molded boluses of rice (1 c each) and such. If only the rest of life were so easy!


Julie said...

love baby knitting, it's so satisfying! And I love your organized little rice containers- I keep telling myself I'll do something like that one of these days!

emicat said...

I've gotta get started on the baby knitting too. I've got 4 expecting in my knitting group! We're all contributing blanket squares, but I want to knit some baby clothes or booties too.

I need to switch out the plastic containers with some glass ones too! It's convenient when I have leftover plastic tubs, but I know they shouldn't be going in the microwave to nuke stuff. I need to get rollin on that soon.

soknitpicky said...

You picked a gorgeous yarn for the shawls.

That is a great idea about replacing plastic containers with glass. Need to add that to my shopping list.