Saturday, April 24, 2010

FO: Deep orange forest

This has been done for a few days but I was waiting for a good chance to have the now-leafy crabapple tree model the shawl. As soon as I took this picture it started raining--literally, a raindrop hit the camera and I had to rush indoors.

The pattern is Deep Forest (by Nicole Hindes of allbuttonedup), and since it starts on the outside edge and grows inward, the rows go faster and faster. Since it is written for a fingering or sock weight yarn, and I was using laceweight, I used US size 4 needles and made the largest size. Here it is pre-block:

And post-block, where it is 20" down the back and 47" across the shoulders, about 50% bigger!

The lace pattern looks like little pine trees or many oak leaves. The pattern as written has the overlappy kind of double decreases, which I did for the first few rows (white arrow). But these decreases looked so messy, especially in such a linear pattern, that I switched over to my own fave centered double decrease (blue arrow) soon thereafter. So the "stems" on the leaves all line up most pleasingly, and point toward the center. There was an error in chart F: the top row should be a K3 tog, not a K2 tog. Besides this, and the lighter yarn weight, I made no other changes. 

The yarn is Knitpicks Shadow in the Clementine colorway. 14 grams of the 50 gram skein were leftover...I'm starting to accumulate quite a lot of laceweight remnants, and can't think of a good way to use them up.

Thanks to the rain, here's a romantic indoor shot. Nothing like an orange shawl to bring out the orange in the walls, right?


soknitpicky said...

That is really lovely. You are fast with those shawls! My lace projects always take forever. Too bad about the rain, but actually, I think the one draped over the lamp is really awesome!

Karie B. said...

That is absolutely STUNNING.

Thea said...


With your laceweight remnants... little lace bracelets?? Knit now for XMas!

Julie said...

Love it!! It looks really fresh and summery in that sorbet orange shade, I really like it.

Regarding your laceweight scraps- maybe it there is enough, laceweight heandbands, or you could do a laceweight scrappy lengthwise scarf- I bet it would be gorgeous and really airy.

claudia said...

very nice blog,Compliments and have a nice day from Tenerife!!!!

Louey said...

Wow! It's really beautiful. Nice work!