Sunday, April 4, 2010

Shawl addiction

Ok, I admit it, I'm on a big shawl kick. If by "kick" you mean a full-blown addiction. It helps that I'm doing the 10-shawls-in-2010 thing on Ravelry! The current project is Snow Peacock by Tonks, very similar to Panache (by Lankakomero), both of which are shawl patterns adopted from a doily pattern. I had totally passed up this pattern until I saw the beaded version by kimberlygoly, which is so beautiful I immediately cast on. Ooh, here I found her blog post with her shawl pics, a must look!

Unfortunately the pattern is written out, not charted, and it's a very traditional feather-and-fan type of pattern in that all the decreases are k2tog. Being super freaky OCPD about decreases, I charted it out fully so that I can make symmetric, paired decreases (k2tog on one half, ssk on the other half, of each repeat). Then I downloaded a zillion pictures of peacock feathers, and then added in to the chart where I'm going to put the beads, to try to imitate the real things. Way dorky, this is true.

Then I cast on with this greenish-navy yarn, a Knitpicks Shadow in the "Midnight" colorway. It's kinda peacock-y, right?

It's a super-fast knit so far, such that I got to the last non-beaded row, and had to stop, because I haven't had a chance to go to the bead store yet. Boo!

So I haven't knitted in the past 3 nights, and now I'm going crazy with knitting-withdrawal! In general I try to knit only 1, at most 2, things at the same time. Yet today's desperation found me pawing through the couple balls of yarn I do have--since I got rid of my stash, the only yarns I have are 2 balls of laceweights that I got at the same time as the blue one, using a Knitpicks gift card that Tina gave me last year. The lucky yarn is some more Shadow, in the "Clementine" colorway.

A bold color deserves a bold design, so Deep Forest is the winner. All the shawls in the new, delicious Twist were quite tempting, but alas call for more yarn than one skein.

Speaking of shawls, an update on the Bougainvillea shawl-scarf pattern. It's on Ravelry as a "help-for-Haiti" pattern, and I sent half the proceeds plus change to Medicins Sans Frontieres today. A huge hug and thank you to all 105 people who have purchased the pattern so far!


betty said...

That beaded shawl does indeed look lovely. I'm wondering how much weight the beads will add to it. I suppose it shouldn't be too bad if the beads are the tiny seed kind.

tina said...

Delish and delightful! Can't wait to fondle the shawl in progress! I do love the Shadow for shawls------ pretty nice indeed!

As far as you being ocd or dorky when it comes to knitting? Perhaps honey but, ohhhhhh the outcome!!!! Worth every twitch, eh?