Saturday, April 17, 2010

Toronto, part non-yarn (ok, this part has yarn too)

It's been a busy week in Toronto, but I was able to get together with Julie and Erica again for a lovely visit to Lettuce Knit.
3 knit-bloggers in front of a yarn shop!

It's a sweet little shop stuffed to the gills with very yummy yarn. I got this Indigodragonfly yarn because it's local, and also because the colorway name is so funny (My Name is Indigo Montoya)! It's squishy, soft sock yarn, merino wool with a little cashmere, which begs to be a cowl or scarf or shawl instead.

We stopped at Tim Horton's, which is some sort of uber-Canadian donut/coffee chain. In fact, only Canadians are allowed to take pictures in front of Tim Hortons.

Just kidding. We indulged in coffee and donut holes, which are called Tim Bits but I kept on mistakenly calling Tiny Tims.

 After that, we wandered around the Art Gallery of Ontario, which had many lovely and delightful surprises, including this hall full of wooden sculptures, which are large beams/trees with the original baby trees carved back out of the center. (This makes more sense if you see it in person)

Overall, it was a most enjoyable trip, and I'll definitely visit again! Many huge thanks to Julie and Erica for showing me around! Of course, no trip is complete without some sort of travel-related snafu. Trying to be eco-friendly, I took the subway/bus to the airport, which ended up taking a lot longer than expected, and got to the airport 45 min before the flight, which is after the 60-minute cut-off. After several long waits and unsuccessful conversations with two different airlines (apparently "code-sharing" is euphemism for "share profits but none of the responsibility"), eventually I had to buy another ticket online. So I've manged to waste hundreds of dollars, but even worse,  many precious hours--it's too noisy to get any work done in the airport, and I have no knitting on the needles. Well, something had to be done about the knitting situation at least...

Who knew carryon bag handles were so good as yarn swifts?


Julie said...

yay for fun times in Toronto. I see that my hideous work trousers are effectively camouflaged in all the above photos. :D It was so great to have you here!! And I'm terribly sorry to hear about your travel snafu. Grrr. That sucks!!!

tina said...

Snort------- damn airlines anyway. I'm pretty sick of the All About The Money thing. Oh wait, that is everyone! I digress, hilarious pic of the yarn swift en airport!

indigodragonfly said...

Hope you enjoy the yarn! ;) We aim for yarns with maximum squoosh.


erica-knits said...

It was so nice to meet you and explore Toronto with you! So sorry to hear about the snafu. :( Glad you made it home safe.