Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fish biscuits and other lost craziness

There's minimal knitting content today, because I've been distracted by LOST! Preparations for viewing the finale are done, I just have to get gussied up appropriately:

Since I'm TV-less, I'm crashing someone else's viewing tonight. I'm taking some dharma wine (label from here) and fish biscuits (gouda + chives, yum!).

And here for the minimal knitting content...I cut out the fish shapes just like this knitted scarf/blanket fish pattern, so I could avoid having to bunch up the dough and re-roll it.

(The puck-like thing is supposed to be a dharma symbol.)

I had a dozen or so admittedly dorky LOST-themed food ideas, but I restrained myself and just made one more: Man in Black Bean dip with Smokey chipotle.



mooncalf said...

Ace! Thanks for the link to the labels - they are so cool! And I love your dharma bunny tshirt.

Looking forward to seeing the ending myself. I don't know why I'm online today - I'm bound to get spoilered!

Thea said...

so funny -- love all the themed snacks!

Julie said...

oooh, that looks so fun!! I was glued to my TV on Sunday night- I can't believe it's over. Now I'm anticipating the boxed set dvds!!

Sereknitty said...

Very clever idea with the biscuits!