Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wading through WIPs

Yikes, I'm up to the dreary parts of all the current WIPs, so I've nothing to show for all the hard knitting I've done!

Some of the knit night ladies went to the tea shop of a fellow knit night lady, Kateri (not to be confused with a different Kateri of the ginorm knitting needles). If you like tea, or if you like tins, and especially if you like both, Traveling Tea is the place to be! There are lots and lots of little tins full of tea to open and sniff, and you can have any of them as drinkable tea right there, or get tea leaves to take home. We all got both. I got the Earl Grey and Evening in Missoula to take home, both of which are already running low.
Pic cropped to cut out many furrowed brows--we are all knitting lace! 

It's a lovely, light-filled space, and if that is not enough, there are scones too. Also, Kateri will let you take your own tins and fill them up! (If you haven't noticed, I love tins. When I got married the best part of wedding planning was not the dress or cake, but was choosing and ordering and filling tins (from here) for favors.)

I knit the Vernal Equinox (delightfully free pattern) shawl at the tea shop, which I am calling the Toronto shawl since I bought and wound the yarn (in the airport) in Toronto. Despite plugging away at it every day, it's at a stage where the lace pattern is really boring and the rows are very long, so there isn't too much to see.

The peacock shawl was stalled by a lack of beads. Finally today the hours of the bead shop and my life aligned, and I was able to get the beads, so hopefully this will be more peacock-y the next time! Btw, how odd is it that most beads are made in Japan?

Secret project #2 is starting back up, unfortunately it's the sleeves portion, bleh. So not only can I not show the project, I'm on a boring part that no one wants to see anyway.

Well if there are no FO's, there are at least many imaginary FO's. I got to the art supply store to buy a notebook to corral all of my knit design ideas. Unfortunately the very special Clairfontaine notebook which is impossible to find (quadrille, multiple colors of paper, with separate tabbing for each color section) was, again, impossible to find. So I ended up getting a plain sketchbook from, which has nice acid-free, slightly toothy paper, which is unfortunately not recycled but is at least made locally in Kansas City, MO. It has a sturdy elastic and an envelope inside the cover, which perfectly fits the little Rhodia quadrille paper notebook, which is for charting out lace/colorwork. And look--the placeholder thingy on the red notebook matches the Rhodia notebook. Eee! Man oh man I love notebooks. Much like tins, they provide the illusion of organization, which is much more satisfying than actual organization!


Julie said...

ooh, the Toronto shawl!! I love it. the yarn, the pattern, and especially the name!! :P

that beaded shawl is going to be stunning, and I totally agree with you about notebooks- there is so much promise in a clean, new notebook!

soknitpicky said...


I have a couple of these, and they are my favorite tins

Plus, this brand of moon cake is actually quite good & moist. I couldn't find any last year, but I hope they'll be back for this year.

emicat said...

Looks like another purdy shawl on its way to completion!

Thanks for the tin shop link - I could certainly buy some of those in preparations for holiday gift making :)