Sunday, May 9, 2010

Why go to knit night?

Ugh-a-bug-a. What a week. Sometimes it seems astonishing that anyone would go to a knitting group after a long day of work. Especially (at least in my case) when it means going back to work after that to finish up. This is why we go.

So that we can go and have other people make us feel ok about skipping a whole pattern repeat on the most dreary OMFG section of a shawl ever written. After the usual parade of FOs, flashing of WIPs, ooh-ing and aah-ing over new books/patterns, and stroking of new yarns, this is how it went.

Me: This sucks. I cannot bear to do another repeat of this pattern.
[wait 3 minutes for everyone to come up with their convincing lies, ahem, logic]
Me: So do you think I really need to do another repeat of this pattern? Do you think it will mess up the Pi-shawl math? [Much stretching of WIP ensues]
Knittingwonderwoman1: Oh no, that's clearly far, far too much. Look at the picture! That lace pattern overpowers the rest of the shawl.
Knittingwonderwoman2: You know, it's so old-fashioned to have such a large section of a shawl taken up by such a small lace pattern.
Knittingwonderwoman3: Yeah, no one will be able to tell.
and so on.

And this is how I managed to move along and get some  more of this neverending shawl done. The designer is very crafty, because there are technically 7 patterns in the shawl, but she numbered the last two 6a and 6b, so it doesn't seem as much as 7. Hopefully all 7 will be done by the next post.

I hope all the mothers out there had a great mother's day today! My in-laws were in town, and the peonies bloomed this past week. Good times all around!
Peony in full bloom in dappled sunlight


Flat Creek Farm said...

Beautiful shawl and peony, and I enjoyed the post! :) -Tammy

thea said...

I totally use my knitting group for justification! And it's so nice to have knitting friends you can see in person, too!

thea said...

ps -- the shawl is gorgeous. again, envious of your lace patience.

Julie said...

I'm sure the slight adjustment to save your shawl sanity is well worth it, and it'll be ever more beautiful in the end! that peony is sooo lovely.

betty said...

The shawl looks very lovely. I'm actually in awe of the fact that you are currently knitting so many shawls.

tina said...

call it what you will but this knitting wonder woman calls it shameless rationalization. Which is a true life-gift and should be treated as such. Can't wait to see the fo of this shawl, I'm sure it will be spectacular and should have been written without so much of the dreaded repeat!

The photo of the peony is quite spectacular btw!!!