Saturday, July 10, 2010

FO: Bike bunting

Notice anything different from last time?

Here's a hint:

The lace pattern is Trefoil, from 150 Knitted Trims, by Lesley Stanfield. This is a good lace pattern for this purpose because it's a garter stitch pattern and looks the same from both sides. Also, it looks like teeny weeny bunting! I measured the perimeter of the basket,  knit up to that plus an extra inch, then blocked. I attached it to the basket by doing single crochet around the top, but if you have a non-holey basket, sewing or hot-glue-gunning would work just as well. Since the lace stretched out a bit after blocking, there's a 2-repeat overlap at the back, which worked just as well because it's a good place to hide the woven-in ends. Including the crochet, this used up 5 grams, or 44 yards, of laceweight Knitpicks Shadow, leftover from the Deep Orange Shawl.

A bike bell cozy was also in the planning stages, then I realized that the ringing mechanism couldn't work if the cozy was going to stay on. So for now, only the basket has bling. I am planning on getting a rack behind the seat (there's a special name for this but can't remember), then I'll make some Norah Gaughn knitted panniers to match!


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VeganCraftastic said...

You managed to make your bike even cuter, awesome!

mooncalf said...

Very stylish! Lucky bike :)

Allyson said...

So cute! What a nice touch! I love how the orange matches! Love it.

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