Sunday, August 29, 2010

FO: Emily

Wow, this this is really warm on a 93 degree day! This is another Ysolda Teague design, Emily, a cute capelet/shawl with short rows to create a half-round shape. The sizing is done by doing more or less repeats of the same pattern, and I did 15, which is all I could get out of the yarn. I wanted to do one more, to decrease the amount of splay in the front, but oh well.

The yarn is Indigo Dragonfly in My Name is Indigo Montoya, and I used up all but ~5 of the 375 yards. It's a tightly spun, squishy sock yarn, pretty different from the yarn called for in the pattern (something with more fuzzy halo), but it knitted up into a nice loose fabric with a larger needles (US 7).

The buttohs are from Paste, a fairly new craft store in St Louis. (I call buttons "buttohs" in my head, kind of like how lolcats say "kitteh" instead of kitten.) It's super cute and has a great selection of all sort of different craft supplies (beading, scrapbooks, clay, roving, some yarn, etc), as well as goodies made by local artists. Oh, and there's a giant bowl of buttohs! I am partial to plain shank buttohs, so I fished them all out, and used three for this capelet.

The edging is a cable and lace combo--always a good idea!
Hopefully the worst of the summer is over--the heat has been terrible for the knitting mojo. Now I'm on the lookout for the perfect autumn cardi pattern, to help me get the mojo back!


betty said...

Lovely shawl. I envy your hot weather. We didn't even have a summer this year in the S.F. bay area. You're not the only one who has their own pronunciation of "buttons". I call them "buddons".

Cindy said...

Love your capelet. And, I think I'm gonna need to check out Paste!!!

tina said...

Super Cute Yo-El! Love it! And I want to be Betty, living in SF where there is/was no summer. Sigh.

Sereknitty said...

Love it! Looks adorable on you! That blue yarn is sooooo pretty.

mooncalf said...

This is my favourite yarn colour name ever!

My Name is Indigo Montoya


And your Emily is lovely. I hear capes are very 'in' this year.