Sunday, August 1, 2010

Little FO's

It's been a rather unproductive last couple weeks. A mini-break got cancelled at the last minute, most of my garden is either dead or nonproductive, and it's too hot to cook. Knittingwise, I accidentally knitted the two sleeves for a cardi in two different sizes, and haven't the gumption to frog one back right now. Since all other ongoing projects are secret ones, here are a couple lil' FO's.

The leftover cotton yarn from the poofy bathmat were used to knit and crochet two little tawashi, or dish scrubbies. The diagonal pattern I actually learned from a patient's octo- or non-agenerian girlfriend (there are a surprising number of elderly people with girl/boyfriends and fiance(e)s, good for them!), who was knitting bedside a few years back. I just added a crochet border, and while I had the crochet hook out and the wee bit of brown leftovers in hand, made the little spiral crochet round tawashi. They look a bit too nice for scrubbing dishes, don't you think?

I was inspired by mooncalf's ipod/iphone cozy and decided to make my own. I got the requisite purse hardware, in fact enough purse thingmajigs for a few purses/cozies, to get to the minimum for shipping. I started out using the free pattern from Cotton and Cloud, except had to adjust the number of stitches for smaller gauge. After a couple inches, the pooling became so horrendous that I had to rip it out.
Besides, the cozy as written in the pattern is absolutely huge, I would estimate enough to hold an ipod, headphones, a small knitting project, and a family of squirrels. So I ended up knitting a pouch about 1/4" wider than my ipod, went along until it was tall enough, then made hems to hold the hardware. I left out the lining and the pocket, although the seamless-ness in the pattern is pretty clever and pleasing. I love these internal flexi frames! They open easily, then snap shut with a nostalgic slap-bracelet thowp.

The plan had been to add two shank buttons to the outside, to wrap headphones around them, like the closure on interdepartmental mail envelopes. Then I realized that it's pretty impossible to sew on a button with the flexi frame in place holding the cozy shut. So for now the plan is to stuff the headphones into the same cozy, since there's still plenty of room.
 No pooling this time!

I striped the remnants of some navy Louet Gems (from when the Urbane sweater was frogged down to a vest), and Socks that Rock in the carbon dating colorway (from these socks, which also had bad pooling), and used up very little of each. There's still a lot of remnant yarn, which suspiciously looks like it's going to become another iteration of the same pattern, perhaps for camera or glasses.


mooncalf said...

Sorry you've been having a things-don't-work-out patch.

Love your cosy though. I need a second one now as I've bought a tiny camera. I love them for using up leftovers.

Julie said...

I hate it when there seems to be a rough patch, it's so frustrating! Glad you sorted the pooling on the last project, that can be a toughie!!

VeganCraftastic said...

cute dish scrubbies, all I seem to be making lately are crochet dishclothes :)

soknitpicky said...

Good to have little FO's to get past the other stuff. Where'd you get the purse frames? I think I might need some.

knitwit said...

I don't think I could bring myself to knit dishcloths, mostly because the idea of hard washing my hand knits makes my soul shudder. Good luck with the plants, though! It's taken me a while, but this year we have home grown cherry tomatoes! The BF has since discovered he likes tomatoes- the home grown kind only, of course.