Tuesday, August 17, 2010

State Fair, 2010

I can't believe it's been a year since the last trip to the fair! I was psyched up to enter something to the fair, but in the end, I didn't submit anything, because I thought I had to put my social security number at the top of the entry form. It turns out that's only if I really want the prize money, so next year I'll enter, although I'm still not sure about one's name and home address being displayed on the tags. I have tried to blur all names/addresses out of the pics, so no worries, Missouri knitters!

Again, like last year, quilting was top dog. Here is one incredible hand-quilted quilt.

The lights fortunately didn't go out, but it was still pretty dark, so sorry about the wonky photos. The knitting was better quality than last year, and there was a lot more lace, and nupp-i-tude. First prize for  shawl went to this white nuppy lace.

Third prize to this tan nuppy lace.

This one won second, even without nupps. All were gorgeous! The tatted lace doily to the right is  impressive too, but didn't get a ribbon. There is a lot of fancy-looking tatting at this fair!

There were 2 colorwork items, both lovely, but neither won.


Here is an entry from Rosalia, which should have won!

Alas, this, and most of the knitting in general was not displayed in a way to appreciate the items--they were scattered throughout the home ec building, and were folded up, obscuring all the best bits.

Except for the inexplicably purple-ribbon-winning (like the grand poobah of home ec) crocheted blanket. Ho-lee-effing-mo-lee! Donny Darko in fun fur!

Other notable crafts included felting, like this hat,

and various preserved foods. Look at these dried tomatoes, like yummy chips!

(The judges agree.)

Bonus points to anyone who can guess what this green stuff is!

After last year's heartbreaking visit to the children's animal barn, we didn't look at any animals this time. We did peek in at the fine art, where this super-cool "fiber" sculpture made out of pine needles was on display.

Nothing I saw at this fair was remotely as funny as this blue-ribbon-winning booth on signs of a doe in heat (scroll down a bit) from the fair that Erika (Redshirt Knitting) attended (and won ribbons!) Maybe next year I should check out some of the 4H booths?


Flat Creek Farm said...

And this is how I found your blog last year. Can it really be a year? Time does fly! Fabulous pictures and exhibits that you posted. We attended (our annual tradition) on Saturday for the donkey/mule shows :) I skipped the barnyard this year too, but had to look at the poultry. Everyone seemed fine, but it was sooooOOOoo hot that day. The poor babies. At least the donkeys had AC in the exhibition center! :) Just had to comment on this State Fair post! Hope you are doing well! -Tammy

mooncalf said...

Wow - what a fair.

I am very very tickled by the giant crochet blanket but am respectfully trying not to giggle.

Not terribly successfully

Cindy said...

Some gorgeous handwork. The crochet blanket does make me wonder a bit. Nah. It makes me wonder a whole lot. But, that quilt? Stunning.

Julie said...

Is the green stuff some sort of tortured celery?

That's so weird that they insist on putting so much personal information about the crafters on the items- talk about lack of privacy! Looks like there were lots of amazing projects, though- some of those knits were really amazing, it's too bad they were folded up!

VeganCraftastic said...

Yay for state fairs! I can't wait for the MN fair, I think it's in a couple of weeks!

tina said...

and how do you know that I shall not be sportin' a ribbon from the fun furred bunny???? HMMMMMM?

Sereknitty said...

Hmmm, looks like it might be celery?

Congrats on your fair winnings! I love participating in the arts & crafts section, too.

Karen said...

Yeah, I'd guess dehydrated celery.

Um, did anyone else notice the "lovely" winning crochet blanket was displayed upside down? Ground up, sky down? lol Just adds to the absurdity.

Huh, I don't think ours displays that much info on the tags. I could see having the name and esp for the state fair, maybe a city, but their actual address??? And SSN?!? No way!

BTW - I had to go back and look at your post from last year. I feel the same way about the animal exhibits. I avoid them. It's just so sad.

soknitpicky said...

I'm loving that sculpture. And yes, you definite should have entered. It's ridiculous about the info displayed, though. Maybe put your work addy?