Saturday, August 7, 2010

WIPs, wearable and edible

It's an impossibly perfect day, good for a trip to the farmer's market. Finally, plums! Hooray!

It's become a weekly Saturday ritual to get a bundle of cherry tomatoes and leave them in the orange colander seemingly made expressly for this purpose.

By the end of the day they are always all gone.

It'd be a great day to work in the garden, and harvest some of my own tomatoes. Sadly, despite a dozen tomato plants growing taller than me (you can see the top of the fence in the picture), not a single one has borne fruit, even a little pea-sized baby one! Does anyone have any suggestions? Some are growing in the ground and some are in containers (which get moved around to get sun), and they are all similarly tall and barren. At least they are green and alive, so for now we'll still consider them  edible works in progress.

As for wearable WIPs, this is Emily, by Ysolda Teague. It's a little capelet knit side-to-side in garter stitch with short rows, with a cable/lace/picot combo at the edge. I'm loving knitting with this yarn (Indigo Dragonfly), which is super squishy and sproingy! The colorway is great, isn't pooling much, and the cables are turning out very pretty in it. It's definitely one of those "sock" yarns that are too pretty for socks; thank goodness for capelets that need just one skein of yarn.

It's still a small enough project that I can knit it outside and not get it all sweaty. I'll take advantage of the weather and sit outside with it and some iced tea. I picked up this glass pitcher at the thrift shop today. Things used to be made with so much care and artistry--the lip curves perfectly to catch ice, and the handle is stable even while the top end of it doesn't connect to the body of the pitcher.


Organic chamomile lavender, from Traveling Tea, yum.


Cammy is enjoying the gorgeous weather too. Now her favorite spot under the patio table is shaded by the bike/bike cover. It's a tough life!


Cindy said...

I love the farmer's markets this time of year. I have no idea about the tomatoes. I'm really sorry. And, Cammy has the right idea;-D

Julie said...

the caplet looks amazing! And I'm so glad you love your Indigodragonfly yarn, I love working with it too (so soft and sproingy!) that iced tea looks amazing, and your kitty looks quite content.

mooncalf said...

ooh I keep hearing how capes are very 'in' this fall.

I don't know about tomatoes. I have some persistently un-red chillis. I'm trying to make them ripen by giving them a hard stare. I'll let you know if I succeed.

Lisa in western MA said...

For the tomatoes, maybe some fish emulsion? Your best bet, though, is to call the local Cooperative Extension or Master Gardener program. Good luck!

My tomatoes have been very productive this year -- after a fairly poor harvest in 2009.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty! :) Would love to see it when it's done.