Wednesday, September 8, 2010

WIPs in waiting

Aaaah, autumn is here, the dreadful humidity/heat has departed (knock on wood), and the knitting is back! There has been lots of secretive knitting, but here's some non-secret stuff.

This is the ginorm amount of ribbing for the bottom of Jersey with a soft bow, from the book A Stitch in Time. That's 4 inches with size 2 needles, 240 stitches per round! This officially absolves me of all knitterly and non-knitterly sins for the next 2 years!

I love the happy yellow Spud and Chloe Fine (sock) yarn in the sunlight. The pic from the book is on the right--it's a fun book, lots of original patterns from the 20's-40's with modern-day "translations." Sadly, the modern-day models are truly unfortunate-looking, made even worse by terrible styling and lighting. It's the most bizarre part of this book, how people who could produce such a huge and great book managed to include the *worst knitted FO pictures in the universe*.

The bodice is actually almost done now--it's a quick feather-and-fan lace pattern--but has to be set aside for another vest for DH's upcoming birthday. This time, he wanted a sweater, but changed his mind in the yarn shop that he wanted a vest after all, this time in cream with gray stripes. During discussions of what type of vest he wanted, he rummaged through his drawers, then asked with a light bulb over his head, "Did you know you've knitted four vests for me?" Nah, no way, I answered, no one would remember creating garments one stitch at a time!

This is a lot of sheepish goodness, in Smart yarn. The swatch is done and blocked (I feel smart already!), and now I just need to figure out the exact locations/nature of the desired stripes before casting on. Oh, poor Jersey with a soft bow, you will be a WIP in waiting for a long while!


Sereknitty said...

That is such a sunny looking yellow! Sz 2 needles ... wow!

I love that your DH looks forward to wearing your handknits :)

Siga said...

Oh my, 240 sts per round! And on size 2s?

But the finished garment is really worth the pain. Great colour also.

Anonymous said...

So, seriously, are you really going to knit that entire four inch ribbed waistband? Seriously? Really?


Julie said...

that sweater is going to be amazing! I feel your pain on the tiny needles and tiny yarn, but you'll get through it! It's going to be stunning on you, I know it. :)

Allyson said...

I love that sweater! I had my eye on that but hesitated because of all that ribbing! I can't wait to see your FO. It will be lovely in that yellow!