Friday, October 22, 2010


It's been a week of 2 whirlwind trips--good for plane knitting, but bad for keeping one's head screwed on straight. One trip was super-packed with nothing but work stuff, but the other was to DC and I was able to get out for some sightseeing. Which, of course, means yarn shops and book shops. (The  memorials and the white house and the mall and whatnot, people can do on their own time.)

Looped is in Dupont Circle, just a couple blocks and one flight of stairs up from the train station. The shop ladies were super nice, even when I called ahead of time and asked them for subway directions from Maryland.

It's sort of like a floor-through apartment, except filled with yarn, ie two big rooms on either end connected by a wide hallway-type dealio. One side has the lace-to-DK weight, including the wall of silky malabrigo, yum.

And the other has the worsted-to-bulky weight, plus the swift.

There's a great selection of buttohs, needle holders, needles, and other notions in the in-between part. The shop was fairly buzzing with lots of customers wearing quite a few handknits--a good time for all I think! I got just 2 balls of yarn for a baby blanket, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to fit all I wanted into my carry-on.

Nearby, there's a bookshop (Kramerbooks) that also serves wine/beer and food! Delicious wonderful veggie foods like root vegetable terrines and mac & cheese! This is officially the best idea, ever, until someone combines it with a yarn shop with big comfy couches. Obviously there would have to be a "you spill it, you buy&dye it" policy, but still, how great would a combo yarn/wine tasting be?

I read a fun little book (The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie) at the bar and talked to people who claimed to be foreign service students but I am quite sure were spies. All in all, quite enjoyable, and definitely worth another visit!

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Julie said...

oooh, the yarn store looks awesome!! I really enjoyed The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie. And those spies were not good spies if they couldn't pull off a simple meeting in a bar!