Tuesday, October 26, 2010

FO: Beanstalk

Gaaaaah, baby knits are so quick and satisfying! Here is Beanstalk--the original pattern is Sprout (by Hanna Breetz), but really there are too many leaves for the plants to be sprouts, and seeing how the baby-mama is an academic aficionado of fairy tales, among other things, this is Beanstalk. It will be sent along with a Jack (or Jill/Jane) and the Beanstalk book, and a non-preg knit for the mother. (One is pregnant for 9 months, and non-pregnant for the vast majority of life.)

I put a matching green glass doo-hickey to show the scale, then realized people may not know how big a green glass doo-hickey is. But still, you must admit the poofy leaves are poofy indeed.

This knit up very quickly from 2 skeins of Cascade 220 superwash that I got from Looped during the DC trip. There were maybe 10 yards of yarn left. Whew. Next time I will get a 3rd ball of yarn and knit a taller/rectangular blanket by repeating the 2nd chart 5-6 rather than 3 times. This is a touch small, apparently the "perfect" size for strollers and car seats. It depresses me that anything would be made to fit a car seat, and I sincerely hope this blanket is dragged around by a toddler on foot/bike until it disintegrates. Anyhoo, this was about 20" square before blocking...

It was machine washed, then machine dried for about 15minutes. Superwash is superwonderful. It was a tad damp when I laid it out to block. I have a rug (and tiles underneath, incidentally) that has exactly 1-foot-squared squares. It is most useful for blocking.

Afterwards, the blanket ended up about 24" squared, and very drapey and soft.
Climb to the top, little foetus!

Hanna Breetz (evergreenknits) has also designed the best dog toy ever, and a couple of these will accompany Beanstalk in the mail (there are 2 doggies who live with foetus currently).


mooncalf said...

That looks great. I love knitted leaves - I just think that knitting and leaf designs go so well together.

I would love a blanket like that but especially if I knew it was a Jack and the beanstalk blanket.


emicat said...

I'm also a sucker for leaf motif patterns - I'm going to have to add this one to my library to knit for a mom to be someday. I love the green you chose too.

How convenient to have the right measurement on the carpet for blocking :)

Julie said...

So gorgeous!! I saw this pattern little while ago and thought it was the perfect blanket for a baby (especially when you don't know the gender). It looks amazing!!

Sereknitty said...

Very sweet! And, in my fave colour, too.