Saturday, October 9, 2010

FO: Jersey with a soft bow

Mother nature took back the early winter and allowed one more summery, clear, perfect weekend! I hope the weather lasts so I can wear this into work.


The pattern is from this book, but modified quite a bit (see all mods on rav page). There wasn't enough yarn for sleeves so I just crocheted around the armholes, and ended up using all but ~5 yards of 3 skeins of Spud & Chloe Sock (about 740 yards total).  I was super bad and didn't swatch! All the comments I found were about how gauge was impossible, so I just used thinner yarn and smaller needle size than recommended, and hoped for the best.

Love how this turned out! Feather and fan lace is really very forgiving of sizing. This size supposedly fits a range of 30 to 36 inches. I bet it could fit 28-40 inches. There is no shaping, just the lace and then the godawful, neverending 1x1 rib everywhere else.  Including the 40" neckband/bow, which then had to be seamed onto the collar. Holy effing mole!


This yarn seemed a bit scratchy when knitting, but after blocking grew up nicely and ended up with a a lovely drape/hand. Blocking is like puberty for yarn! The lace section streched to a bit longer than it needs to be, so the waist/bottom ribbing doesn't hit at the waist (and I am long-waisted), and the ribbing isn't tight enough to keep it at waist level. Other than that, this top turned out great! I wish I had a 40's hairstyle to match...


I enlisted DH to take pictures and he was much more interested in Cammy, who was much more interested in my new purple suede be-flowered heels which I got specifically for job interviews. No matter what, it is good to have kick-ass shoes, and a hand-knit top.

Cammy doesn't need kick-ass shoes, she is resplendent as is.


Amanda said...

This is stunning! I really like it without sleeves, and I don't think they could've really helped it.

Rose Red said...

That is a fab top! Looks perfect on you.
And yes, a pair of kick-ass shoes can work all sorts of wonders!

betty said...

Your sweater came out great and fits just perfectly! You don't need a 40's hairstyle -- just wear a 40's style hat.

I did think of buying that book, but I was afraid that too many patterns would be knit in a very fine gauge, which I just don't have enough patience for.

Oh, and I agree that it's always important to be wearing nice shoes.

Cindycindy said...

Oh, my gosh! That is gorgeous. It looks terrific on you. The color is stunning. I'm sure you can get some wear out of it this year. Maybe, add a jacket when it gets cooler. It is wonderful!!! Oh, and Cammy is gorgeous, too. I know she needs to hear that;-P

VeganCraftastic said...

That's gorgeous, and I love it with the gray skirt!

emicat said...

That looks gorgeous on you and I love the whole outfit! I really love that skirt. And kick ass shoes is always a plus :)

That's a 7-letter Deborah, never a Deb said...

So stylish Yoel! It looks stunning.

Siga said...

Wow, this looks perfect!