Saturday, October 2, 2010

FO: Striped vest


A slightly late birthday vest for DH, tardiness forgiven by the snazzy stripes! Isn't DH a handsome fellow?! And didn't I do the most awesome bang-up job on the striped ribbing?

A close-up of the V-neck just cause it's so pleasing. The ribbing at the neck, armholes, and the bottom were all done the same way, except the bottom has a couple extra rows of white so it is a bit thicker.

The yarn is Smart, by SandnesGarn, which is a 100% wool DK or sport weight yarn. It is sort of a superwash wool, but only at cold or lukewarm temperatures, which to me means actually NOT superwash at all. Superwash should be like pregnant, an all-or-none state of being. Anyway, it does not have that plasticky coating that a lot of superwash yarns have, and has a nice sproingy, sheepy hand. After reading comments saying that it doesn't look so good knitted into a loose fabric, I decided to use US 4 (3.5mm) needles for a pretty tight fabric. Overall, I'm pleased with the fabric, which is a good weight for cool weather but not too stiff. I was careful to get all the same "dye lot" for the white/cream yarn, and was bummed to find that there is actually quite a lot of difference between the balls. It is not that obvious in the pictures, and the worst of it seems to have gone away during blocking (inexplicably). Everyone loves the gray tweedy colorway--it's definitely a contender for a leading role in another project. I almost finished one whole ball of gray, and used 4.5 balls of the cream, so in total about 550 meters.

I forced DH to pose like this so that the seamlessness and the jogless stripes are visible. He is a good sport. He also chose the width, spacing, and location of the stripes, and they turned out just right.

The pattern is my own, using schematics from all of the other prior vests. The V-neck is slightly wider and shallower than a lot of (old) patterns, and there is some shaping so that it is not so boxy and bulky. Would anyone be interested in seeing it written up?


Cindy said...

I think GQ is on the phone!!!!

Rose Red said...

It is indeed a handsome vest (for a handsome husband!). I'd love to see it written up - I've been looking for a good vest pattern for my husband for ages (now just to convince him he'd wear it!)

VeganCraftastic said...

Very nice, another great vest!

Amanda said...

I especially like how you treated the center front of the neck ribbing. It's very elegant. You and your handsome husband have a great sense for details! I love it.

soknitpicky said...

I really like that! I'm especially impressed by the attention to detail in the ribbing, particularly with the neck. I wish I could get DH to wear a vest!

Sereknitty said...

Yes, very handsome (both hubby and the vest)! A wonderful classic style.

mel said...

I would love to see it written up! I've been looking for a vest pattern for my husband.

emicat said...

A handsome vest on your handsome hubby! He definitely works the vests well - another great pattern :)