Sunday, October 17, 2010

Group FO: blanket


If you're a regular in a knitting group, and you decide to get married, you can expect a knitted present from the other knitting group ladies. Like a lap blanket! We used all our subterfuge skills to keep this secret, made easier by the fact that the bride-to-be just started working crazy hours for (medical) residency. We planned a cabled blanket in panels, with each person choosing whatever stitch pattern she wanted.

Silvana's choice was a heart cable pattern, with plain cables on either side. (Sorry, I realized too late that all the pictures were upside-down!)


Emily chose a sculptural braid cable--very chic. She was also the only one of us who ended up with  the correct width panel.

Kateri actually did two strips of "arch" lace, in homage to St Louis (Again, sorry, upside-down). This was a great idea, because then the blanket could be laid out symmetrically with the lace panels dividing the cable panels.

My panel was in a "loose double knot" cable pattern--in reference to "tying the knot," hee. On the sides are some open cables that look like DNA.

Tina (Knitting Contessa) took one for the team and did all of the seaming!! The different gauges and cable patterns meant that they all pulled in vertically and horizonally to different degrees, so while each of us swore we knitted to 48", the panels ended up being different lengths. Oops.


After frogging down the necessary bits, I crocheted around the edges first in single crochet, then double crochet, then double crochet every other stitch, then single crochet, then I got impatient and stopped.

After a bath in the washing machine (this was in Berroco Comfort, so it is machine washable) and blocking, it turned out to be more of a square than a rectangle, about 3.5x3.5 feet. It is very cuddly and soft, and more importantly, knitted with lot of love and well-wishes!


Julie said...

wow, that's so amazing!! It's gorgeous, and what a great thing to do for a fellow knitter. :)

Patricia said...

it's beautiful!! and a good idea

emicat said...

wow, beautiful blanket! What a nice gift from fellow knitters :) Our knitting group had several expectant moms earlier this year - I think we as a whole knit 4 blankets w/ everyone contributing a square. Tight deadlines at times, but it all worked out and was so much fun! I like the way your group put the blanket together though - great idea!

Sereknitty said...

Nicely done! I love that it was a joint effort!