Monday, November 29, 2010

And we're off!

30 knitting days from thanksgiving to xmas this year! TG was a staycation for me, filled with lots of knitting and Harry Potter. A visiting friend brought all the books on tape (audiobooks on itunes, whatev), and I have already finished the first book and started the second. I sat in the basement (best light, also has comfy leather couch) knitting, listening to HP, cat sitting adjacent, drinking a glass of wine (I was doing the drinking, not the cat). Here's what I have to show:

My sister wants a blanket, and it is about 20% done! She wants something "minimalist" so I am inserting what are hopefully-subtle small panels of happiness--wee lace, sly twisted stitch patterns, subdued knit-purl patterns, and just one out-and-out luscious cable--in an ocean of stockinette with a border of garter stitch. As she is "green" (really, she is greenlagirl) I searched high and low for an organic, machine washable (b/c no blanket is hand-washable) yarn. The only remotely affordable option was Sweater by Spud and Chloe, and so far it is knitting up a quick and squishy-fun way.

The only other holiday knitting consists of a pair of mittens. Oh, and I have 3 more shawls to knit for the 10 shawls in 2010 thing before year's end, so I have a sneaking suspicion one of those will be the same as my contribution to the <$10 hand-made gift exchange with the other knit night ladies. Yikes! Must every year end with a knitting frenzy? Despite the abbreviated knitted gift list this year, the answer is still an overwhelming Yes!


betty said...

You're going to knit 1 ginormous blanket, a pair of mittens, and 3 shawls by Dec 31st?

I am impressed.

mooncalf said...

Wow - good luck!

Julie said...

ooh, the blanket looks great!! and you can totally knit 3 shawls by the end of the year... definitely use them for gifts!!

Gidgetknits said...

Happy knitting! Are you listening to the Stephen Fry versions of Harry Potter? I love those!

green LA girl said...

Love the blanket so far! Thanks! :)