Tuesday, December 21, 2010

FO: Cameo blanket


There are 15 different stitch patterns, all from various Barbara Walker Treasuries, each making a brief cameo in this blanket. Also, I am starting to get obsessed with cameos (like in rings, necklaces, and the like) and the 3-D nature of stitch patterns are reminiscent, at least to me.

This took just a few yards over 12 balls of Spud and Chloe Sweater in Root Beer. It fuzzed (or fizzed, ha!) minimally, and all in all was a good yarn for knitting up something this big. And it's organic! And it's machine washable! And in the machine, it grew quite a bit, from 46" x 70", to 52" x 78". I machine-dried it for about 15 minutes then blocked it to even out the squares a bit (not too successfully). It dried in a few hours and for a too-short period, I got to enjoy the drapey soft warm goodness! Then I sticky-rollered all the cat hair off and shipped the blanket to California.

The blanket is in stockinette, with a garter stitch border, and ~8"x8" panels of a different stitch pattern, 3 to a row x 5 rows. It was knit all in one piece, and I had to get a whole travel bag out to transport it. I tried to choose all grid or diamond -ish patterns, but in a variety of techniques--knit-purl combos, cables, twist stitches, lace. Also, I snuck in a couple nature-related patterns, for fun. Most of the patterns are attractive on the back side too.  Here they all are, before their big trip to my sis! (As always in the winter, these photos were taken in the basement with the CFL overhead lights, so the colors are wonky. The true color is in the picture above, and in the lace patterns for some reason.)

Eiffel Tower





Squared Check Pattern--I thought this pattern contained the ONLY error I have ever found in a BWT. Then I realized I was comparing the back side of the fabric with the picture.


Hearts of Oak--my least fave. Also, why not just call it "Acorns?" The back side is cool, it looks like little conch shells, but the pattern pulled together too much for this blanket, and it looks kinda messy.


Openwork diamonds--the Ur-lace, if there ever was one.


Checkerboard Mesh


Exploded ribbing--so fun, like vintage "onion" glass christmas tree ornaments


Moss Diamond and Lozenge--I know I will regret confessing this, but this was my fave of the bunch. It didn't pull in at all, the pattern is MC Esher fun, and, once in a while I'll admit, moss stitch has a great texture.


Candle tree--yay cables and leaves!


Bramble--I made a mistake that was hard to spot until many rows later, and left it in for good luck. Oops. Love the bumpy fabric though!


Knit-twist lattice--Runner-up for best cameo.


Puff Diamond


Checkered acre--grid AND nature-related! It is a derivative of ploughed acre, which has all the eyelets lined up like the tops of wheat. This one is just checkered, not much acre.



betty said...

Wow, that looked like a ton of work! I hope your sisters loves it. I liked the knit-twist lattice and the seaweed patterns the best.

mooncalf said...

Wow - what an achievement and what a gift!

I love all the pics of each pattern. I might have to try to pick out my favourites.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a very relaxing holiday. And get to do plenty of selfish knitting for a while :)

emicat said...

wow, that a beautiful blanket! It's had to choose which one I really liked :) I'm working on my last gift and then I'll be done!

VeganCraftastic said...

I hate to say wow since the last three comments start with that word, but Wow! Very beautiful and impressive!