Saturday, December 4, 2010


Didn't you know it's purplefest? It must be, otherwise how did all the purpliness suddenly appear in my knitting basket? Apparently, I didn't get enough purple-and-gray colorwork with my nightscape cardi, as I am halfway through these Alice in Wonderland mittens in the same color combo.

Knitty Couture, a LYS in St Louis, is closing (boo). I picked up a little something at the closing sale. Actually, it is a little something huge, one of the ginorm (549 yards) skeins of Alpaca with a Twist Baby Twist, in more purple. When wound, the ball is the size of a 2 or 3 year old's head.

If there is anything more dangerous than the free shipping for $50 through knitpicks, it is the 20% off for $75 through webs. Which is how I ended up with even more purple alpaca, this time from Plymouth yarns.

I have my (purple) work cut out for me!

Knitwear and knitstuffs seem to be everywhere this shopping season. Despite my best efforts to reduce mass mailings (through Catalog Choice, do it, it really works!) there is still a stack of catalogs in the recycling pile. At the top, a pic to make every knitter say, "pah, I could do that!"

Wow, $18 for something I can make out of my laceweight yarn scraps! Of course, the hand-made version would have a heatable inner part made of non-toxic, non-plastic, all-good scrap fabric and rice. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? That's right--visions of piles and piles of purple alpaca handwarmers!


orata said...

Those mittens are going to be adorable! I love the pattern.

mooncalf said...

I am terrible for thinking 'Pah! I could do that!' 'Pah! I will" 'Pah! I will forget that I do not have infinite time and that even little things do require some time to knit' 'Pah! I will have a huge stack of tiny gifts ready in plenty of time for Christmas'...

Julie said...

ooh, I loved that mitten pattern too the first moment I saw it! !Your Alice mittens are going to be so awesome.

emicat said...

I've been doing much of the "pah, I can knit that!" this season myself. But my nemesis is the fact that I knit too slow :)

Love love the purple alpaca yarn!
Looks like you scored some nice stuff.

Anonymous said...

Nice color I love it....

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