Monday, January 10, 2011

A fascinating tale of Phoenix

I visited Phoenix this past weekend, and something there completely restored my faith in the goodness of people, crafters especially. To take a step back...I like fascinators. Fascinators are the feathery head-dresses that Brits wear to weddings, and I, being an anglophile who likes hair/head decorations, follow suit. So for this wedding trip, I ordered a very cool custom-made kanzashi (art of folding fabric tightly to make a shape) flower fascinator, with red feathers, from a local (St Louis) person on Etsy, ScarlettandMaria.
(picture taken from scarlettandmaria's listing)

Then I went clothes-shopping, which I intensely dislike, and bought dresses for the various wedding events. Then I came home, and thoughtfully put together dress-and-fascinator combos (yes, plural), which made buying the dresses so much more bearable. Then, I anal-retentively made a list of items to pack, fascinators listed just above knitting. (I later realized I actually listed knitting twice.) And I put everything on the list together on the bed including the tissue-wrapped fascinators, got out the bag, and packed. Usually, I take great pride and comfort in my list-making and packing skills; they are some of my best talents.

That is, until I arrived in Scottsdale at the hotel and unpacked. No fascinators in sight! I dug through both bags (now empty--I also take pride in my un-packing skills) several times, and realized with horror that the fascinators had been accidentally left out, no doubt in my urge to leave them to pack at the top of the bag so they wouldn't get smushed. Oh sadness and rage! After seething at my own stupidity for a good long while, a light bulb came on. You can search by location on Etsy! So at 3pm on a Friday afternoon, I sent a desperate email to the maker of the only fascinators listed for Phoenix, asking if she could deliver it to my hotel the next day the same time.

In the meantime, I went to other wedding events (sans fascinator), went to a yarn shop (more next time about this), and ate huevos rancheros at David's Diner in the Scottsdale arts district (very tasty, no website though).

All the while, I was a nervous twitchy wreck, not knowing how I would survive this event without a fascinator!

So I went to a book shop Guidon Books

with funny-creepy civil war figures sitting out front,

where there is at least a shelf dedicated to each army regiment or person. Lincoln, Lee, Grant, and similar each get a whole wall practically. There were no knitting books (yes, I asked), although there were a few books on weaving blankets.

Despite the comforting scent of old books, I worried and fretted. I distracted myself with the cacti which look totally fake, like cartoon cacti, and are super-tall!

Unless they are the squat kind.

Finally, a couple hours before the big event, spacecadetjewelry called to tell me she was near the hotel. And in quite possibly the strangest and most fascinating hotel-driveway hand-off, she gave me this:

(picture is shamelessly taken from her listing because she did a much better job that I would)

A hand-made, hand-delivered, upcycled, local, beautiful fascinator, at the last minute on a weekend in a strange city! Hooray for etsy angels! Thanks Space Cadet! (Not her real name.)


Fascinator, DH, and I had a great time!


mooncalf said...

I never knew they were uniquely British!

We never used to wear them. They're a relatively new phenomenon so that we can stop wearing hats but still look wedding-y :)

Yours totally suits you and looks perfect. i'm wondering if maybe you should wear one all the time.

Anonymous said...

What a great look and I had never heard of them before. I loved the story, too.

Julie said...

amazing!! You look so pretty with it in your hair! What a great story. I love buying on etsy for reasons just like that- the sellers/crafters are such great people (all the ones I've had business with, anyway. It looks great!! And there are always more weddings, so you'll get to wear the left behind fascinators one day.

emicat said...

I had never heard of the word fascinators and what they meant - now I do :) I love the kanzashi I've come across on etsy and the fascinator you purchased on the fly is gorgeous! How awesome that she delivered to your hotel too.
It looks great on you too :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely story! ... and oh, I think I dated the sojer on the right ...

soknitpicky said...

Loved this fascinating story, LOL! It really is awesome :-)

alex said...

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