Wednesday, January 5, 2011

FO: Alice mittens


Oh, I love them! The pattern is Alice in Wonderland mittens, by Jennifer Lang of Sadie & Oliver. These took a while to knit up, as there are quite a few fussy bits, including long cuffs with a cast-on picot edge, sewn buttohs with buttonholes,

the colorwork of course (palms shown here),

and the lining! In the end the lining was the hardest part to push myself to do--it was basically knitting two whole mittens (lining turned inside out):

But in the end the lining was totally worth it--the mittens are a hundred times warmer, it's so smooth inside without any floats to catch fingers/rings, and the mittens are just poofier and cozier and mitten-y. See the poofiness?

Also fiddly was the embroidery, but this really makes the pattern. Since my piss-poor embroidery skills can't convey what they are: the white rabbit is holding a pocket watch,

and Alice is holding a key. If you don't know why those objects in particular, or why there are roses all over, you should read the books!

The yarn was Silk & Lambswool by Simply Shetland; it contains the fibers mentioned in the name. I reversed the colors on the second glove in case I ran out of the "main" color, but in the end I think there's about half of each ball left over. (My scale's battery is out right now so I can't measure exactly). The lining was the leftover Estelle super alpaca lace paints from my Toronto Shawl, 100% alpaca. Finally, a great use for leftover laceweight yarns!

My mods were to reverse the colors on one glove, and to add the key to Alice's hand. Otherwise, this is a very well-written pattern, and a true pleasure to knit up!

These mittens are off to their recipient, brand new mama to the Beanstalk blanket-recipient, with many wishes for a good fairy-tale life!


Sarah said...

Wow, those are amazing! I love the colorwork, and the lining seems like such a good idea. They came out great!

Siga said...

So cute! They must be really really warm. I just finished a pair of mitts without a lining and they are already warm.

mooncalf said...

Oh wow! i love all the little touches - they make them really extra-super-special. I can see exactly what your embroidery is and your colourwork is so neat. I love them!

Anonymous said...

Those are brilliant. You should share your changes on Ravelry. The key is a great add and the colors are wonderful. Terrific!!!!

Julie said...

Oh, WOW. these look incredible!! I love the reversed colouring on the mittens, adn the yellow embroidery for the details is amazing. I agree with you on the extra knitted lining- it's a must have for toasty warm mitts, for sure. Y

betty said...

I agree with everyone else -- those are some fancy mittens indeed! What's more impressive is that they are being gifted away. I'm selfish enough that if I knit something that nice, I would want to keep it for myself!

Karen E said...

What a fun design. Nice job on them. =)

emicat said...

Ohh love it! I'm knitting some mittens right now for NaKniMitMo and I'm finding all these wonderful mitten patterns. I think these will have to be yet another I need to add to the queue!

Gidgetknits said...

Gorgeous! I really love that you've reversed the colours - it's a quirky touch!

LuluMarie said...

very cozy and beautiful colors!