Sunday, January 23, 2011

FO: Damsel not in distress

Oh what a difference a blocking makes! Here's Damsel before,

And here she is after!

The pattern is Damsel, by Oceanwind Knits. With only 14 others of these on Ravelry, this is #2 of my 12 under 43 projects for the year. The only mod was changing the weight of the yarn--I used Alpaca with a twist Baby, which is a DK or sport weight 100% alpaca yarn. Instead of the full 5.5 repeats of the main lace, I used one of the suggested smaller sizes and did just 4 repeats. There's only a plum-sized ball of yarn left, so the yardage worked out great (there are 549 yards in the ginormous 250g skein).

The main lace is similar to the one in Aphrodite. It's easy to memorize, and the wrong side rows are all purled, so overall it's a relaxing lace pattern to knit.

The edge lace is really unusual, and it's cool how the designer did the math so that 3 of the diamonds of the center pattern flow into 1 of the edge motifs. The edge seems spidery to me, with web-like pointy bits

alternating with doodads that look like fancy spiders.

If you are wondering what all the little white specks are, that's snow! On top of a big (~6") snowstorm a couple days ago which has not melted at all, a couple more inches fell last night, and it's still snowing! I had to dig a path to the crabapple tree (aka shawl model) through the snow. I worked fast, but even so, the flakes cling to the downy alpaca:

The shawl turned out quite large, 24" down the spine and 55" winspan prior to blocking, growing to 31" down spine and 74" wingspan afterwards. It's big enough to wear like a cuddly babushka-hood-cape. This is part 3 of the fairytale-themed gift, along with the Beanstalk blanket and the Alice mittens. The other parts were shipped off earlier, so Damsel-not-in-distress will travel on her own.


tina said...

Love it. And laughing at the description of a gorgeous lace shawl as being babushka'ey in any sense of the word. :)

Karen E said...

Beautiful! Blocking does make a world of difference. =)

Julie said...

Oh wow, it's stunning!!! just a really beautiful knit. I love it!

soknitpicky said...

Blocking is so awesome. Great shawl! I love the fairytale theme :-)