Thursday, January 13, 2011

FO: Gobi cowl; and knitting Phoenix


Gobi Cowl, designed for the yarn, Gobi Bijou Spun Limited Edition, from Bijou Basin Ranch. This kit, including yarn, pattern, and buttohs, was a wonderful christmas gift from my niece! The yarn is sooooo soft, a combination "70% Pure Yak Down" and "30% Pure Camel Down." (The word "Pure" seems funny, as though anyone might sell "Impure" fiber and label it as such. Plus the "Pure" is a bit tempered by the percentages in front.) We passed around the yarn in our knitting group and had a swell time fondling it. This pattern was the perfect travel-knitting, small, easy, and quick. I cast on at the airport on the way to Phoenix, and was about 90% (Pure) done at the end of the flight. (Don't be impressed--it is a big lace swatch rectangle.) The only mod was that there isn't enough yarn to do as many repeats as it calls for; there was some ripping back and super-tight binding-off, and the yarn tail was about 2" long. The cowl blocked on one of the hotel towels quite nicely. Meanwhile, I ventured out to a nearby yarn shop.

Arizona Knitting and Needlepoint, is located in its own colorful and adorable bodega-like building in Scottsdale. So cute!

Check out the palm tree and blue sky in the background. Oooh.

Inside are two large rooms filled to the gills with yarn.


There's so much yarn that some of it hangs from the ceiling.

Also, lots and lots of buttohs!

Whenever I am greeted with a sight like this button display, I just choke at having to make so many decisions, that I end up getting nothing. Which is really stupid, because good buttons are hard to find!

I wanted to get some local yarn, but other than locally-dyed yarn, there wasn't anything. Apparently because it is so warm, the sheep (and similar) don't have good wool in the area. So I cast the net a bit wider, and got this gorgeous green skein of Crazyfoot sock yarn, from Mountain Colors (Montana, close enough, right?).

The color is far too vibrant and wonderful to be hidden as socks--this yarn will be a shawl or scarf!

Back to the Gobi Cowl...After it finished blocking, it was even smoother and drapier, and I even enjoyed sewing on the buttons. Aren't they awesome? They are speckled with goldish and silverish bits and coordinate with the yarn wonderfully.

And then I put the cowl on. Alas! It's sneaky-itchy! It is so ridiculously soft and downy in the hand that it hadn't even occurred to me to try holding it up to my neck. I don't know whether it is the (Pure) yak or the (Pure) camel or (Pure) both, but it is immediately started prickling at the neck. I took some modeled shots but found I was grimacing in all of them! However this seems to be an idiosyncratic reaction (as we would say in medicine), as when the FO was passed around at knit night, only one other person found it similarly itchy. So this FO will be flying the coop, to a distant relative I've just met who is also a knitter, and fingers-crossed that she won't find it itchy.

As of today, there are 14 other iterations of this pattern on Ravelry, hence, this is my first of my 12 under 43 resolution projects for the year!


mooncalf said...

yay - first of many.

What a shame it is so itchy though - I bet it is ludicrously warm. Maybe it is as warm as the Gobi desert?

Hopefully the lovely spring-like bright green yarn will make a replacement neckwarmer...

Julie said...

that cowl looks so pretty!! Awesome job. And that shop looks incredible- nice choice with the bright green!

Ghost said...

yea, the shop is very pretty..