Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011; FO: Five-day Ishbel; and resolution

The knit night knitters assembled for a hand-made holiday gift exchange today. We ate lots of yummies including Korean New Year's Day soup, knitted (duh), and exchanged prezzies. I got a huge bundle of sweet tribble tawashi from mlledefarge. We had recently been discussing the people on etsy who sell little scrubbies (or tawashi), except really teeny quick ones that are to be used instead of disposable face scrubbies, and how fun it would be to make cute animal ones and call them tawash-a-gurumi. And today there were two sets of scrubbies exchanged--we've started a knitting revolution!

I started an Ishbel (by Ysolda Teague of course, I lurve her designs!) knit-along with one of my college roommates, lizclink. (Seriously, 90% of my friends in college are named some version of Elizabeth. I blame them for my difficulty with names.) We cast on on Boxing Day...uh, so yeah, in my apparently poor planning I gave myself 5 days to knit a shawl. Plans to knit the large size were rapidly scrapped to make do with the smaller size. Then I forgot to block it last night, so this morning was a frenzy of wet-blocking and cranking up the fan really high and wishing fervently to the knitting gods that they would speed evaporation. And really, if you wish for something really tedious like slightly expedited evaporation, and you have been good all year, the knitting gods take pity on your boring-ass life and grant your wish.


That is Silvana modeling it--she got a shawl from me in the last gift exchange too! This was knitted from Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Lace. This used up about half the skein, so now there's another random laceweight remnant ball rolling around in the bin o' yarn. This was an easy and well-written pattern, except that the bind-off as written turns out too tight. There isn't much else to say about a pattern that has 8534 projects on Ravelry as of 1/1/11. Surely someone has said it before.

Which leads me to my knitting resolution for the new year: 12 under 43. Last year I did the 10 shawls in 2010 thing. Technically I did knit 10 shawls in 2010

Deep Forest
Echo FlowerEmily

Vernal Equinox

but two don't count officially because they were cast-on in 2009. And really, that was kind of a lot of shawls, to put it mildly, and I want to avoid knitting way too much of one thing this year. Instead, I want to focus on knitting patterns that have not (yet) gone viral. There is such pleasure in seeing how a design comes together, which is lost when one can see how hundreds, or thousands, of people have knitted it before. Obviously, this problem can be solved by not looking at Ravelry anymore, but that's not going to happen. So for 2011, my goal is to knit one pattern a month (ie 12) that has less than 43 projects in Ravelry--hence, 12 under 43. (If you do a little math, you can figure out my age.) Hopefully I can finish each one before the count gets above 43!


soknitpicky said...

You did some quick knitting there to get that shawl done! Awesome!

I love your 12 under 43 idea (you are young, BTW!). I'm anxious to see your discoveries.

Sarah said...

I like your goal! It will be interesting to see what you pick.

Steve Finnell said...

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Karen E said...

What an interesting idea! I usually tend to steer clear of the projects that "everyone" has done. I'll definitely be interested in what you choose.

mooncalf said...

Cool idea!

I look forward to seeing what you knit. I'm sure we can come up with some suggestions too if you get stuck!

Happy new year!